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Robert Plant co-presenting Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show - Listen and feedback!

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Just to let you know that Robert Plant is co-presenting the Chris Evans Radio 2 Breakfast Show in the UK this morning. From 8am UK time until 9.30am.

Link below to listen to it live. Depending on where you are, have your breakfast or supper with Robert! Hopefully, plenty to discuss afterwards!


Liz, The Lemon Tree fanzine




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I don't understand what you all are saying? Why just the random statements? Are you all able to put them in context in any way?

During the interview, Robert Plant mentioned that after he completes the June dates, including the Bonnaroo festival, he anticipates additional dates in Russia, the Ukraine, Italy, Germany, and France.

P.S. Liz, thank you for posting the links. Here are a couple more. He sure looks happy in that last photo...lol

Photo Gallery



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In case you haven't heard it yet if you want to skip ahead Robert was there for the last hour. According to the webpage it will only be available to hear for another two days. If you like to hear this sort of thing I highly recommend this one.

This is yet another lighthearted exchange with Robert. I'm not sure if Robert enjoys doing these things or not but I find them very entertaining. I find it heartwarming that Robert gave credit to all the band members for their "vast" input into zeppelin. We all know it's true but it's nice hear from one of the guys who got alot of the attention especially from the media.

About the O2 reunion he said that they did it for Ahmet, the memory of Bonzo, Bonzo's mom and something about unfinished business because the previous reunions were underrehearsed or unprepared ...something like that

On the personal side I found The brief story about being a dad during the zeppelin years/solo years nice to hear. When they asked Robert what he will be doing later that day I think he said He will be going over to Peter Gabriel's and that afternoon he will be seeing his daughter and then back to the midlands. there were some other personal side tidbits that were interesting to hear.

Robert also turned me onto new music by picking two tracks for the radio show one was by Charlie Rich and the other was by the Black Keys?

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Robert also turned me onto new music by picking two tracks for the radio show one was by Charlie Rich and the other was by the Black Keys?

I did not especially like that one by Charlie Rich and I don't remember the one by the Black Keys.

lol..."whether or not there's life in the old beast."


Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr. plays.

"Jimmy always wanted to play everything in E, which made it like almost impossible to sing."

Talking about Since I've Been Loving You..."If you're on a bad night it's like warbling...it's Woody Woodpecker."

"Gary from Peterborough says, "ghost-hunting tonight, bring on the ... can't say that in America."

Robert Plant continues, "outside my window every morning there's not a bunch of beautiful nubiles playing harps, but in fact the Phil Thornycroft farming community go by in these great big f***ing four wheel drive tractors roaring by and they double declutch down into the lowest possible gear just to shudder my bedroom window saying, "Planty, you've got a great life, get out of bed."

Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin plays.

"And then everybody eats broccoli. In the seventies we didn't know about food. But we didn't know about catering. Because suddenly in the seventies there didn't seem to be any reason to eat."

Robert Plant

Robert Plant visits BBC’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Robert Plant spent an hour sitting in with Chris Evans on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC radio this morning. Plant is in London between legs of his American tour, a tour schedule that is, apparently, dictated by the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

You have to “plan your career, set our priorities right,” Plant quipped.

Led Zeppelin was, Plant also offered, a lot like The Wolves: really good some nights, really bad others.

In good spirits, Plant even pontificated on that question he hates answering. The Led Zeppelin reunion:

And then, unprompted, he went further:

If you’re a betting man? Evans asked. “I don’t bet,” Plant answered.

Evans also asked who was better, Jimmy Page or David Gilmour?

It was, no contest, Plant said. He also suggested he talked to Jimmy Page yesterday, and would see him again Wednesday.

He has been accused recently of not getting along with the other members of Led Zeppelin, so it’s good to hear he’s on terms with Jimmy Page, even if they won’t be working together soon.

About the Band of Joy, Plant said he was pleased for Patty Griffin winning a Grammy. But:

And while it occurred to Plant a person had to look after themselves, he still likes a drink, which is OK because, “a lot of musicians are drinking again.”

For an early morning radio show Plant sounded in good form, and offered quips about many people. Paul McCartney, for instance, was the first person to hug him after his Grammy winning night for Raising Sand. And who gave him the shortest hug? Alison Krauss.


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