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8mm footage MSG '73


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Okay, I have questions. Especially if this purports to be footage from 7-27-73 only.

1. How did he switch from the sunburst Les Paul to the red Les Paul during Celebration Day, as DavidZoso noticed? During the movie, when it switches during Black Dog I bought it, as he could've switched during the ah-ah-ah-ah part, when the band isn't playing. But there isn't one moment during Celebration Day when the guitar isn't playing. When did Jimmy switch? This 8mm film clip is just fragments...is there a noticeable gap on the 7-27-73 soundboard of Celebration Day where the guitar is missing that would explain how Jimmy could switch guitars? If not, then this clip is not just 7-27-73, but a mix of the MSG shows.

2. Why did Jimmy go to the trouble of having that cool outfit made for him and then wear the matching jacket for only the first three songs? Did he ever wear that jacket for an entire show or did he always switch to the black and red poppy jacket after the first three songs?

3. Knowing they were filming the 3MSG shows, why didn't the band tell Jones to pick a shirt and stick with it the entire MSG run?

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