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Jimmy In The Far East


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Source: www.rosshalfin.co.uk

February 13

I've been in the Far East for nearly three weeks. I was going to do some shooting on my Nikons but ended up mainly using my little Leica. I thought Vietnam was cool, quite different to what I expected. As I was walking along the street one evening I was stopped by a fan who asked if I was "Mr Halfin" which threw me a bit. He said he was a big fan of my work - very strange. Another person wrote to me to say he'd seen me in Bangkok but didn't what to bother me. If you do see me and want to say hello please do…

On YOUTUBE there is some great footage of Humble Pie playing Rolling Stone live from the Rock On era, it shows why Steve Marriott was the world's greatest singer - apart from Paul Rodgers.

Off home now to the land of the ice and snow....

A couple of photos of Brian and Monique Wheat and Mr Page, and the Dynamic Duo in the East.


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Hahaha, seeing these pictures reminds me of that great Doonesbury gag..."TAN, RESTED AND READY: NIXON IN '88!"

Good grief, is that really Ross with Jimmy in the top photo? He's CHANGED since I last saw him at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the Forum a few years ago.

And what is up with Jimmy's left arm...it looks bent.

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