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  1. Oh sorry.... you wanted something I DON'T like ? JPJ's jacket in TSRTS, looking like Christmastree baubles hanging off it .. And the hair is a serious problem at that point. Trivial objections, huh? More seriously I agree with the point about the very limited filming of Led Zep. Limiting interviews ( to foster mystique) was a strategy which can be easily understood . Limiting controlled filming seems tragically wrong. Documentaries have emerged featuring the Stones ( Gimme Shelter, lots of backstage footage) and David Bowie. In each case, controls were clearly put in place over the material at the time, and hence there are tight rules over their use. But they exist. Someone at the time had the vision to see what access might enable .. and also to retain control over it. I think that is Led Zeppelin's failing. I wouldn't entirely blame Peter Grant : I rather think Jimmy was the one who felt cameras would steal his soul ( indeed perhaps he still does ) . What a huge reflection of their legacy has been missed as a result. As years go by that feels like more of an omission.
  2. Just to add: kiwi led zep fan/porgie66/valeriesunshine ... without meaning to sound lewd I do not have a problem with "push push push" and the great virtue of that and all other such moaning allusions was that YES, IT WAS SUPER-EMBARRASSING FOR YOUR PARENTS TO HEAR WITH YOU ! I guess I didn't have the problem ( or the pleasure ) of a parent who wanted at all to listen to Led Zeppelin . I lost out on bonding .. but all of that helps you carve out a bit of teenage territory.
  3. OH ! I have only just come across this thread and am almost speechless . But sorry guys, actually not speechless. So from this thread, on balance, the Led Zeppelin fandom is expressing the view that the problem with the band is TOO MUCH SEX ?!?! WTF ?? The sex IS Led Zeppelin and when you talk about the musicality, certainly of early Led Zeppelin, you are talking about the use of (technically brilliant) music as an expression of sex. It is lemonsqueezingcrotchgrippinghandwavinggirlsblousewearingposturingmoaninggroaningscreamingoh.my.god.allaboutsex. Kellygirl is thoughtful and forgiving enough to think that LZ's sexuality is just a female thing. But that can't be right : how does that expression of red-blooded raw male sexuality - matched totally to their music - NOT work for their male audience ? Apart from Kellygirl I am relieved to read the posts of Mithril46, Walter and Blindwillie .. thank you, so I'm not going mad. But I'm still reeling a little from some of these comments. I'm actually really questioning my appreciation of that music... of course some of their songs are not overtly sexual, but I can't imagine not seeing their music through that prism . Yes, it's quality music. But if I COULD see it in a more neutered form, I don't think I could love it so much. As Philip Larkin said " Sexual Intercourse began in 1963 .. between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles' first LP" . What happened next ? Did it END again after thirty years or so ? Some of these comments make me wonder ...
  4. Leader column from The Guardian . http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/apr/12/the-guardian-view-on-stairway-to-heaven-its-on-another-page They're careful to refer to British courts and not to second-guess US ones. Let's hope that caution is unnecessary.
  5. Oooh I love a compliment ... so let me get it right : it's a first that you've ever agreed with anything I've posted ? Or with anyone at all on these forums ? Do tell... There is always an opposing view, and you are gifted at finding it! Someone here needs to make those trenchant observations .. and you certainly deliver ! I'm happy to concede on the bit you objected to: don't really care about the title of this thread, only that it's there and that people are making interesting points . Ross 62's post in particular: it sent me straight to that Blackstar video. So much of this new material feels like a final statement, carefully orchestrated... and now we have Tony Visconti claiming that a week before his death, DB was calling him about some extra demos and how they could make a further album : after looking at this one as a final offering, it throws you to think that more was on the way . If that is at all true.. As you say, Jimmy's response to all this can only be a matter of speculation. But naively, perhaps, I would like to think that his edgy and incidental connections with David Bowie might be enough to induce him to think about a late statement of his own. He's alluded a few times to a posthumous autobiography ( even suggested recently that it was under way) and I can't get too excited about that one : how could he ever drop the guard he maintains in all he says and writes ? It's always, and only, his music, rather than words, which is an open channel, fluent and communicative. Whether he does actually use that to make a statement is also, of course, a matter of speculation.
  6. David Bowie's death is rightly being mourned . But alongside that, the circumstances of his death should give anyone pause : a life of innovation and iconoclasm, and his final creative burst: songs and meticulously devised videos, which are both esoteric and replete with meaning. Even if you don't literally mourn him, there are messages to draw from a creative life lived as his was; strong messages too about death. It's given me a lot to think about this week and I'm sure that's true for many others. I can't help but wonder how JP would view it . His comment on his Facebook page : David Bowie was an innovator, a unique artist with a vision that changed the face of popular music. He is greatly missed. Rest in peace, David. JP That's so gracious, and entirely due . But how did these two musicians ultimately view each other ? Each of them supremely talented, yet on different musical trajectories: no obvious case for rivalry in that sense. But their paths crossed: each of them involved with Lori Maddox, Jimmy outbidding Bowie for the Tower House, Bowie's ( doubtless) drug-raddled paranoia about being in the same room as Jimmy . Bowie's open lyrical reference to Crowley, and Kabbalah, and other hints of occultism ...vs Jimmy's guarded public expression of an interest which - as far as we know - ran deeper than DB's. ( Debatable: who knows ? JP is deeply consistent and DB characterised by his changeability : this one can't be measured ). In my own life, I think about workplace rivalry and how people eye each other up, engage in standoffs, expend a lot of energy in animosity .. before time moves on and they realise there are other battles to fight; respect is allowed in... and in time it's even possible to grasp that the other person is really quite a good thing.. So I wonder very much about how Jimmy might view the demise of David Bowie. Someone who uses the end of his life to underline his creative powers. Someone gifted with an urge to reinvention, which sustained his career. Does that impact on Jimmy's resolve for the future? It shouldn't, but it might .. Their birthdays are a day ( + 3 years ) apart. But Bowie's Aquarius ascendant and moon in Leo are a big contrast to Jimmy's water signs: Scorpio rising and Cancer moon. That's just one, shorthand, way of expressing their profound differences. But the question remains: how does he see this moment and how does he process it? And, friends, that is why this topic is not your standard RIP thread.
  7. My biggest issue with Outrider. As you say, absolutely sterling music on Prison Blues, musically one of the jewels of the album - but with lyrics that turn me off it again and again. Just crass .
  8. Lif and Patrycja, fascinating discussion . The point about finding another presence seems very perceptive. That's why. like him or not, Roy Harper is very instructive here. The performance with Roy was in another class to this recent showing. Doesn't mean there isn't lots to celebrate right now. But a viewing of that 2011 performance tells so much : a real sense that he did it for Roy , he did it with Roy, and .. just incidentally it happened to be a superb JP acoustic performance.. Where oh where is that other musical spur who will get him beyond an onstage jam ? Let's hope they're out there and that Seattle allowed him to fully renew his ties with so many talented musicians who are on his side.
  9. I believe Jimmy was very close to playing live, on a guest basis, at least twice in the last twelve months. Today, 19th November, presents a further opportunity. This time it may suit him.
  10. If I lived anywhere near Seattle I'd be trying to get into this. It makes me wonder .. EMP Museum’s Founders Award - part of an annual fundraiser for the institution’s youth programs. Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, Jerry Cantrell and William DuVall of Alice in Chains, former Black Crowe Rich Robinson, Brian Wheat of Tesla, Lucinda Williams and Page’s former bandmate in The Firm — and Bad Company frontman — Paul Rodgers are among the guest performers, while Seattle-bred Guns n’ Roses bassist Duff McKagen and drummer Barrett Martin of Mad Season and Screaming Trees anchor the house band. The sold-out event will take place at the Sky Church, inside the mu
  11. Thankyou, The Dark Lord ..... their description is so confusing ( calls it only Audio CD) .. but yes, the small print at the bottom confirms it does contain the vinyl, book etc too. Thanks !
  12. I haven't followed the story of the reissue sales in enough detail - so hope someone can help me on this : has the Coda Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box set sold out ? I have my own, but wanted to buy another as a Christmas present. Are they all gone? I can only seem to find vinyl sets or CD sets ....
  13. I think the children of super rich/ super famous people deal in different ways with their situation: for some it's a blessing, for others a burden - so they milk it or run from it accordingly .... In fact, forget wealth and fame, it's hard for all of us to break out and be our own selves when one or both of our parents is a powerful presence. I don't know what goes on in SP's head but from the outside, I'd say huge credit to her for making her own name and her own way. The signs are that she's very close to her dad but that equally, she will be her own woman. ( Think I've just talked myself into donating ! )
  14. Finally bought the LP set... after an intense couple of months when I couldn't have enjoyed it anyway. .. You've all said so much about the music and I need to digest that - but the artwork was an extra delight. And an astrological point was resolved for me: I've seen Jimmy's birth time recorded at 3am, 4am and 4.17 am from various sources,never knowing which was more accurate. But now the beautifully presented chart in this artwork makes clear that it was 4 am.
  15. Great that he's won! It strikes a blow against all the unthinking redevelopment which is happening in London at the moment . And is utterly to Jimmy's credit as far as the Tower House is concerned. However this victory is due to the plans being withdrawn : had the council been allowed to judge in Jimmy's favour, it might have set a stronger precedent. What will Robbie do next ? Give up and sell up ? Or was this a strategic withdrawal: will he be back with new proposals ? I have a feeling this one will run and run ...
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