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Hey all, this thread is for everyone.

No age/gender/race/location restrictions here. No cliques, just old and new, together.

Let's discuss the friendlier side and some of the relationships that we've come across in the various forums being fans over the years.

Memorable posts, topics, (fights), anything is open for discussion.

Tell your friend(s) something meaningful, blah blah, etc. And so on, and forth so.


Does anyone remember the 'Spats' Love Blah-blah-blah' thread?

He was banned a while back and I never knew why, but I am curious what's become of him.

That thread was just good fun for all involved.

I used to tell really fantastical/elaborate stories and then try to make some ridiculous metaphorical ties to Spat's trouble with women.

I pasted one of them below I just found:

The year was 1966. I had just turned 18 and it was unknown to me at the time that I would soon get drafted into Vietnam along w/ my brother Wayne and best friend Gary. Life as it were was fresh.., I was free from my parents' reign and just old enough to enjoy it. Anyways, by this time I had already began establishing a name on the east coast, on the low-key garage rock scene around Boston, with my group Dr. Ron and the Vinegar, and despite having some pretty shoddy equipment, we had managed to established a pretty good following playing local warehouse parties and hangouts. Anyways, of all the girls I had come to know up to that point, and there were plenty, there is this one girl who I can still remember in particular, a girl who I saw for the first and only time one night in late '66. We were scheduled to play at JD's Key Club, one of the real up and coming underground hangouts on Boston's west-end, for what couldn't have been more than 30 bucks. I never had seen her before, didn't talk to her, and never found out her name, but you could tell just by looking at her that she wasn't a day over 16 and somehow must have convinced her older sister to bring her out under her parents' noses, most likely the work of some sort of sisterly blackmail. We were about half way through our set when this girl walked in through the side entrance. She didn't talk to anyone, and she didn't dance.., she just stood there in the back looking up at me with this look... An inexplicable piercing gaze that was as fixed as it was free. It was deep in that had I not felt instantly connected to her, I would have been almost certain she saw right through me and through whatever sort of sloppy sound was coming out of the beat up aqua-colored fender that was slung around me with a strap I had made out of duct-tape... on through the worn brick wall, out into the back alley, and straight on home to tell her friends about it.

It's nearly 33 years later now, and up to this point in my life, I've still yet to see someone look at me the way this girl had from the corner of this club... I felt connected to her. If I lived in the past every part of me would wish to go back there and find out this girl's name.. anything... but I can't, and don't want to. I'm sure she's just as happy as I am living in the present.

You see, Spats, it's much the same as your situation. You need not dwell on the past... you can't change anything about that.

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I'm going to butcher all of these since I've been away for so long, but some of the names I remember, for whatever reason:

Katuschka (<-- i remember i was attracted to her), Beatbo, Medhb, ALWizard, DZLDoc, DelZeppnile, DeepBlackZeppelin, EternalLight, the list goes on and on

Where are you people? Anyone still here? I miss the good times and laughs we've had.

I used to be friendly with a few people who I still see around, but everything seems to have been lost in this regard.

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You forgot Scratch, then I think he was old scratch. He was a character.

Evster was a plethora of information, I valued his input.

Didn't he have a thread called something like 'Old Scratch Bitch' or something?

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I got a real kick out of Spats. His posts were really fun to read in a "bad train wreck" sort of way. I was sad to see him banned, and never really understood why. He was mildly annoying at times, but harmless.

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Hey 3hrs.... and was that you that sent me the Immigrant Song 45 a few years ago?

My memory from that era is absolutely shot... :coffee:

She's doing well... still manages to get a few turns now and again.

Oops, nope - I think it was SuperDave

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