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Led Zeppelin to receive Kennedy Center Honor


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More of my pictures from KCenter Honors....I sat with Plant's and the Wilson's manager...Nancy was most friendly....Ann not as much so....but she did a he11 of job on Stairway....brought tears to my eyes...wish I'd have mentioned that rather than going on about how hot Heart was in the late 70s!








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If you like the pictures....see my you tube video of my chatt'n them up....while I certainly would have let them talk more had I known (plus gotten my exchange with Ann Wilson on video) ......it's totally ad lib on my part....I thought the best I'd get was a photo op like in '10 with McCartney and 08 w/Townsend/Daltry ...little did I know.... live and learn.....the first time I went in 2008...all I did was take a few pics and shake Townsend's hand and joke with Daltry's wife ...but I got a pretty real (misspeaks and all) video with interaction which I will look back on for a long time! If somehow some who was there has any pictures with me in them (I was too busy with my IPHONE and camera)...please share...I let someone take a pic of Sir Paul and me in 2010 and I got McCartney's shoulder and my widow's peak!




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well I was hoping for other possible pics of me...I've went 3 of the last 5 (08/10/12) primarily due to the Rock influence...it's $2k plus the invite is a tough one......This year it wil probably be Santanna (which is probably deserving) but I'd be ok with Mick and Co since I'd love to meet Mick....well at least I got this profile pic w/Bonnie should have been Nancy ....Bonnie was gracious....She was great onstate with Jeff Beck (Page and Beck in the same hall....amazing)...shoot I think I have a pic of them from the show....


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I think I have it on another post..Is there any way to make it more available for LZ fans to see??? I realize this forum on KC honors is probably not followed any more since it's been over 8 months since broadcast!

For me, 12/2/12 was a memorable moment in my life (well meeting McCarney and joking with Steven Tyler are up there too)....I wish I'd have discovered this site back in December when I was posting on FACEBOOK....I have even more stuff there....here's the VIDEO:

Please no negative posts on you tube....I know they didn't open with Achilles last Stand but that was my theme for the evening (Plant and Page conversations)...you see I did what Jack Black called a "Zepathon" that Sunday (Dec 2) and I ran out of time at the Presence.album (had to get to Kennedy Center)....and since that was my first album and Page and Plant made public statements about Achilles...I thought...yeah let's ask them about that! Wish I could go back and polish it up a bit...oh well...as one buddy said..You handled yourself better than I would have!

PS those are my original albumns from the 70s...never updated to CD as I love the sound of Vinyl! I do have them on I Pod though :(


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I'm not sure if this has been posted elsewhere (I'm not sure my search skills on this site are all that good).

I follow Led Zeppelin News on twitter and in a June 22 post it stated that

"Robert Plant has slammed the Foo Fighters, saying “There are certain drummers who shouldn’t sing, and certain singers who shouldn’t drum"

I am not sure where the quote came from but a few posts earlier it stated that Robert Plant was being interviewed on an Irish radio station. I don't know if the link still works but here it is


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