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How did zeppelin come up with their album titles?


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I attached a funny carton, but seriously, does anyone know?

I found on google search on that in through the outdoor was a sexual pun, and coda being musical code for the end, but anyone have any insight as to the inspiration (or lack there of as the cartoon would portray haha) for naming the albums?


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This is obvious speculation on my part (although some it comes from what I have read about Led Zeppelin over the 25+ years I have Loved this band).

I: Led Zeppelin - obvious

II: Obvious

III: Obvious

IV: Untitled. Called many names as we all know.

Houses of the Holy: A reference to all the auditoriums, halls, forums, stadiums, etc... that Led Zeppelin played in and the audiences are the "Holy".

Physical Graffiti: Jimmy has said that making this album was such a "physical" effort on the band. I would assume the "graffiti" element has to do with the somewhat randomness of the songs. The songs recorded for the album and the leftover tracks that They decided was the right time for them to see the light of day ("Night Flight", "Boogie with Stu", "Bron-Yr-Aur", etc...).

Presence: I believe someone from Hipgnosis (the company that designed the album cover) had told the band that when he thinks or hears of Led Zeppelin he always thinks of a power and a "presence" that the band has.

In Through the Out Door: I have also read that this might be related to a sexual connotation. I believe what I have read when Jimmy said that after 3 years since "Presence" (and a very changing music scene) that the hardest way back in is "In Through the Out Door".

Coda: the End...

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In regard to Led Zeppelin IV aka Zoso aks untitled. Page has said on several occasions that they were trying to make a statement (to the critics mostly) that Zeppelin wasn't about appearances or hype. And so they decided to put out a record without the band's name on it, no pictures of the members, and no title.

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