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Led Zeppelin - LP Query


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Hi All,

I have stumbled upon this record in my collection and I can not find any information regarding this release anywhere. All that I have found is that it could be South African. I am wondering if anyone has a copy or any further information on this listing.

The Images of this can be found here :

I have also stumbled upon a copy of Presence with is embossed on the front with the title and has the swansong logo embossed on the back , photos can be found of this here:


The nearest version I have found is German however there is slight differences on the label.

Thanks In Advance.

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The South African pressing of IV does have the black Atlantic logo on the cover and the red/black label. It also has the number SD 7208. Could you post what is inscribed in the dead wax?

My pressing of Presence has the embossed cover. As far as I know, I have a standard U.S. pressing. Here's the numbers on the record


SS 8416


Dead wax:

Side One: RSC ST-SS-763560L - SP

Side Two: RSC ST-SS-763559K

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Dead Wax Number - Volume 4


SD 7208A SIDE 1


The Presence Says:


Atlantic studios wea with a stamped matrix

st-ss-7 63559

It then has the number 5 with a number crossed out, and the numbers 9402-A. - SIDE A

Side B has - wea ST-SS-673560-1 and 59402-BX

Thanks for the help.

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Ok, I attempted to decipher the matrix/runouts the best I could - no guarantee I'm right. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will stop by eventually.


Pecko Duck: George Peckham (cutting engineer)

ST: Stereo

A: Atlantic Records

71: year of release 1971

2286: tape master number

1: I am going to assume this means side one, could be wrong

DAG/GP: unknown (pressing plant)/George Piros (mastering engineer)

Presence: Atlantic studios wea st-ss-763559 59402-A

Atlantic Studios

wea: WEA Manufacturing Pressing Plant(Warner Music Group)

ST: stereo

SS: Swan Song

76: year of release 1976

63559: possibly tape master number?

59402-A: Catalog number-side A

Side Two: wea ST-SS-673560-1 59402-BX

wea: WEA Manufacturing Pressing Plant(Warner Music Group)

ST: stereo

SS: Swan Song

67: (assuming a mis-press of 76 as in 1976)

3560-1 possibly tape master number, one higher than side one

59402-B: Catalog number-side B

X: unknown


Not sure if any of this is useful. How do they sound?

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The copy of IV is very cheap looking it reminds me of some records i have from communist countries it's obviously cheaply made and the vinyl is thin but overall quality is good.The printing on the lebel is of a very high standard the cover not so good it's basically thin card.

The pressing of Presence is very very well made it's very thick card and the printing and quality is amazing i have had it since the late 80's and the vinyl is very well pressed it's definetly official and an early release.

I am currently thinking the copy of 4 could be russian or possibly a smaller communist country and a copy of a earlier record.

Pressence i am thinking is an american copy or even mexican.

Thanks for your help i'ts been annoying me for years.

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I have an Icelandic pressing of Zeppelin IV. I don't have the matrix numbers or LP handy - but its a nice thick piece of vinyl & the labels for side 1 & 2 are in Icelandic. I doubt it was pressed in 1971 but its still pretty cool. also have the Taiwan pressing as well.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Icelandic pressing??

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Never mind the background ,just enjoy listening to it

That's what I was thinking after I decoded the matrix numbers. It's all for naught if the thing isn't a pleasure to listen to. I bet that Presence sounds phenomenal.

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