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Mott The Hoople


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Thanks so much for this. Away back in 1974 (?), my friend and I had booked tickets for their UK tour, but it was cancelled at the last minute, so I never did get to see them. Serious respect to Mr Hunter for defying the years so brilliantly.

Where is the best place to get tickets - the usual Ticketmaster? Is it a UK tour, or just London like a couple of years back? Will it be the original line up with Mick Ralphs? Who will be taking Buffin's place on the drums?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but 39 years is a long time to wait. I believe Halfin has got himself well ingratiated with Ian, so doubtlessly RH will be crawling about the London venue.

Dates in November to be announced tomorrow :) :) :)

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Thanks Knebby for the headsup. I would have missed out completely if you hadn't shared this. :wave:

I wish I could give you more info hun but all I know for sure is it is definitely not just London, not an arena tour, and tickets look to be going onsale on Thursday :)

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I just discovered this song recently in the last few months thanks to the Down n Outz. I was never really into Mott The Hoople because they were seldom heard on radio here in Canada. The first time I heard this song I was sitting in the living room at night by myself and I almost started to cry it hit me that hard, thank heavens no one was in the room besides my dog. Anyways I hope others like it as well.


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