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1295: Led Zeppelin John Bonham ca. 1976 Owned & Worn Hat corner_body3.gifshim.gifshim.gifshim.gif


Type of Collectible: Artist / Musician Worn Apparel

Decade: The 70s

Starting Bid: $6000.00

Auction is Currently in Preview Only. Bidding will begin on the Auction Start Date.


You can stop pinching yourself now because, yes, this is for real! This furry funky hat was owned and worn by no other than the drummer of all drummers; John Bonham!!

More than 20 years ago - it was May 23 & 24, 1992 to be specific - a Led Zeppelin 'Celebration Days' convention was held in the U.K., which among other activities included a live auction. One of the key items was this very same hat, which was being auctioned by John's family, who were all present at the convention.

The hat was purchased by Rick Barrett, who is widely regarded as one of the premier Led Zeppelin experts, dealers and all-round connoisseurs. Rick sold the hat 15 years later (in 2007) to a private collector, who in turn is making the hat publically available.

The hat was made by French fashion house Lanvin and is in excellent condition. It comes complete with the original letter from the Bonham family (signed by five members), a photo of the Bonham family, a letter from Rick Barrett, a phenomenal 8 x 10 color photo of John Bonham wearing the hat, as well as the original 1992 UK convention program.




17882_th.jpg 17882b_th.jpg 17882c_th.jpg 17882d_th.jpg 17882e_th.jpg 17882f_th.jpg 17882g_th.jpg 17882h_th.jpg < Lot #1294 Lot #1296 >
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I don't know Badgeholder. It looks to be the same, or very similar. Bonzo may had had more than one. The hat in your photo has something around the crown of the hat. Bonzo could have put that there himself, or, it is a different hat. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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