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A Day In The Life of John Paul Jones


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This was posted by a member of another forum and I thought I would pass it on;

6:00- Breakfast-Read Financial News,Wall Street Journal and Disc magazine
looking for Help Wanted ad for avant garde musician position in Iceland.

6:44-Go to home studio

6:45-Write thunderous bass riff


7:45-Write glorious riff on piano

8:00-Fiddle practice

9:00-Mandolin practice

10:00-Walk Afghan hounds. Scare villagers for old time's sake

10:00-Return Jimmy Page's call-have a laugh about Zep days.

11: 00-Tea with Maureen/ Talk about Agamemnon and backgammon

12:00-Lunch with some random,European avant-garde musician

Jam with said weird Swedish musician to make some weird noises for an upcoming
opera based on the life of an ice fisherman as told through the spectrum of
German performance artists during World War 1.

1:00 Practice 10 and 12 string instruments-one in each hand

1:45 Read book about medieval churches while sitting in medieval church.
Contemplate writing opera about medieval churches that would take place in
Westminster Abbey

2:00 Meet with Andy Manson to design and build a weird,13 string instrument
for an upcoming benefit concert based on the life of a weird obscure,Gothic

2:30 Ride through the English countryside in a reasonable,yet eccentric
classic car while contemplating his next album of folk tunes.

3:00 Devote 30 minutes to his 3rd solo album. Write amazing rock riffs for
bass that no one will ever hear

3:31 Turn down call from Dave Grohl for next Them Crooked Vultures follow up

3:40 Try on old onion/Christmas ball jacket from TSRTS. It still fits!!

4:00 Afternoon tea with Maureen. Walk Afghan hounds and run through
Baskerville terrorizing the locals again.

5:00 Play on swings with wife and kids

6:00 Dinner -Discuss politics and world events while playing weird stringed
instrument at the table

7:00 Watch UK reality TV talent show. Make hilarious,dry comments

8:00 Back in the studio-Practice and record avant-garde music with kooky Swede
for upcoming opera/jamboree hootenanny

9:00 Play 'Black Dog" for old time's sake. Laugh hysterically

10:00 Read bedtime story about Amenhotep III.
11:00 Off to bed dreaming of intimate concert given @ The Metropolitan Opera
on Venus

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