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Your Fav Drum Songs

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I have heard that harry nilsson song on few different college radio stations that ive picked up out of nyc, nj and ct. Its cool that they play it and its a very good song.

There were alot of good drum songs from the 80s, with technology and big drum sounds being popular. John Mellancamp, jack and diane, phil collins, inside out, then with metal, iron maiden, flash of the blade, metallica, one has an interesting bass drum sound and played well. I have a bunch of grateful dead live cds and one of the things they went for with drums, was to sorta detune or flatten out their drums, much more thud and little pop sound, with sparing use of cymbals.. I feel they achieved quite a tribal sound that way. Ofcourse with long jams w jerry noodling the drums get lumbering at times, but its still an interesting approach and i think robert plant very much went for a similar feel with the band of joy and his current record. With how rock, punk and metal gets with the cymbals crashing constantly, its something im picking up on more. Although the energy of nirvana when they were a young new band, the cymbal crashing was a great part of their sound on alot of songs.

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The Doors, hello i love you

The Band, chest fever

The Beatles, tomorrow never knows

Robert Plant, trouble your money

The Firm, satisfaction guaranteed

I like the low tech drum sound of the ramones and how it fits within their sound. Same with the monotonous grind of the drumming with industrial stuff like ministry and the sheer speed of most metal drummers. Such an important aspect to every bands sound.

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