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Count To Infinity Game


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Now look, Carter! I don't wanna have to have words with you. And I won't. For 2 reasons. #1 - Because that signature says it all. And #2 Because Stick man can run around the world so fast that he comes back into your profile pic. Infinity squared is not what I had in mind with this thread. We don't have a post count anymore, and I was hoping we could keep up, with the numbers. Now we can't. So I'm gonna try and see if it will eventually work it's way out. I'm very upset with you for that post. And don't anyone here do infinity cubes, or I'll really get hostile. And I don't like that side of me.

So here we go:

animated-number-image-0196.gif  That's 2, like twins.


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I hate counting and I think it's silly to count to anything, so I think this thread should be deleted.
It'll just lead to arguments over who is right and who is wrong.

People that post in these threads just want to try to outdo each other.

With that being said...


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