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16 hours ago, boylollipop said:

Just received the Jimmy Page book, Zoso.


On page 218 there is a photograph of someone who could be seen as backstabbing.


Is it merely a fitting caption or is it relating to a specific incident?

I would bet money it's just a fitting caption. Sounds like Jimmy's humor. 

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- It maskes perfect sense!

Bill Graham  had the final showdown with Led Zep in 1977, where Cole, Grant and Bonham had a fight with a security guy in a trailer.

The guy had slapped Grant's son for taking a plaque. Bonham witnessed this  backstage during the instrumental  section.

Bill Graham flipped and called the SWAT team. The next morning  they were arrested. 

Much to Graham's regret it was done in a somewhat orderly fashion, b/c one of the bodygiards knew the leader of the SWAT team.

After the trial Graham was even more frustrated, since only a fine was given. Led Zep had gotten away once again, he writes.
Peter Grant supposedly wept when he read Graham's description of him.

I think it was a  final showdown between proomoters and Peter Grant, who managed to reverse the allocation of a tourgross.

Manzarek in his autobiography doesn't speak highly of Graham, who also in the Woodstock movie suggests to light big bonfires so to prevent the hippies from attending the heavily crowded scene: "Just like the Astecs would ward off the invasion of ants."


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"As they returned to Britain a suit was filed against them by Graham for $2 million". Why would Graham sue LZ for 2 million dollars, and on what grounds? Even if LZ didn't pay him his cut of the ticket sales for both days it would probably be in the vicinity of $100,000, and thats a high estimation. 2 million dollars in 1977 was a hell of a lot of $$$. A 2 million dollar lawsuit in '77 would be comparable to a 7 to 8 million dollar lawsuit if adjusted to present day. What could possibly constitute an amount like that? His security guy slapped the wrong kid, now he needs 2 million? 

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After the Oakland incident, Graham was livid and pretty much tried to hurt Led Zep every which way imaginable.

He really vents his spleen at Led Zep in a full chapter.

Graham had a big heart. He escaped holocaust. 

In his early youth he sees his girlfriend in a cinema with, unbeknownst to Graham, her new boyfriend.

He reacts coolly and decides she is a cunt and saunters away.

- The only musician he has a warm spot for is Morrison.

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