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L.A. '77 The Most Consistent Stretch for "Stairway To Heaven"?


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As I've been dutifully listening to the L.A. '77 shows on their anniversary this week (in the middle of "No Quarter" from the 22nd atm), I started thinking about how good all six versions of "Stairway To Heaven" are.  Sure, I guess you could say Jimmy's fingers are a bit sticky during the solo on the 27th, but it's not a bad version, and the other five are all pretty stellar--especially the 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 26th.  The 22nd might just be my favourite version ever--Plant doesn't sing "Does anyone remember laughter?," and Jimmy jumps right into the solo after the triumphant fanfare as he does on the album.

So, the question is: are the L.A. '77 shows the most consistent say 4+ show stretch for "Stairway"?  I would think that it certainly is at least for post-'73.  I guess if we say 4+, then the four Pacific Northwest '75 shows would be right up there.

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