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Guitar Battles II: Pete Townsend (The Who) vs George Harrison (The Beatles)


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This is interesting, but Townsend and Harrison are so far apart stylistically. To me, Harrison was not really known for stadium

shakxing power chords or reckless rock energy, whereas Townsend was a master at blowing the roof  off whatever venue he 

was playing at. Harrison was far more adept at playing subtle solos with an interesting  melange of influences, and

adding  interesting detail work to whatever band/guitarist he would be playing with. But a cranking rock guitarist, no.

Townsend was a king of rock solid rhythm guitar, and a very good fingerpicker. Harrison was a damn good fingerpicker as 

well. I guess Townsend would have a slight edge, as I would argue that Townsend has likely had much more inflluence

on guitarists. But I must mention that getting Harrison's skill set would be difficult, so many techniques and influences

crashing together. Quite difficult comparison, almost two different worlds.

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