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How the West was Won/DVD NYC Premiere 5/27/03


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Hey all.

So as the title implies I am looking specifically for anyone who may have attended and taken pictures of the NYC Premiere of How the West was Won/DVD release at the Loew's Theatre on 34th St.

I was waiting in the queue to see the guys enter the theatre and near the beginning of the event was extremely lucky enough to get offered an extra ticket by an attendee (which also included a pass to the after party where I got to meet Jimmy and Jonesy (Robert came down and was there for about 15 minutes or so when he darted back up in the elevator, so I missed him 😞))....fond memories of which I will treasure forever. Of course, I did not come prepared with a camera as I had no hopes of even getting in, to my chagrin.

So, as I mentioned initially, I'm hoping to find anyone, or know of someone, who might have took photos of the event and possibly caught me in one of them (couldn't miss me there....I had on a blue jean jacket covered head to toe in Led Zeppelin buttons on the front and patches on the back LOL) or even if not just photos of the event in general. Any help would be appreciated.

Here's to the greatest rock and roll band in the world....🍺

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