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MH370 and other disasters


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The loss of flight MH370 out of Malaysia 6 years ago is considered the most baffling air disaster in history.  A book by Canadian air investigator Larry Nance states that the pilot deliberately took himself and the 227 crew and passengers to their deaths by turning off the transponder before making the turn and flying some 7 hours over the Indian Ocean before putting the plane down on the ocean to keep the plane as well in tact as possible so it would not be found. The wreckage that has been recovered, especially the flapper on the small island of reunion off Madagascar, points in that direction and his argument makes perfect sense.  The co pilot had turned his cell phone on, and that is highly unusual in a cock pit.  The theory is he depressurized the cabin with the co pilot in it, thus cutting off the oxygen to the rest of the plane and likely many did not know their fate?  These answers will not be known until they find it.  Nance believes the plane is in large sections at the bottom of the south Indian Ocean. They are intending to search farther south, admitting they were wrong in their initial location and millions of dollars were expended.  Very much of the ocean floor was mapped in that part of the world so not a total waste by any means.  I am for Robert Ballard being put to the task.  The guy that found the Titanic, Lusitania  and Bismarck.  I do believe they will eventually find it. If they can find the "black box's" they can learn the certain facts.  

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How great was it when Courtney Love thought she'd found the wreck of MH370?! 😂
And how even greater would it have been if she had!?
But one of the biggest bafflers for me came a few weeks after it happened, when the BBC showed a clip of an American woman in her '50s who seemed to sincerely believe that  MH370 was being 'held up by Jesus', who was suspending it in the air to prevent it from crashing and would return it in the near future.  How the hell an adult woman without learning difficulties could think something like that and still function in day-to-day life was one of the biggest mysteries about the whole thing! Utterly jaw-dropping.            

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On 3/30/2020 at 6:48 PM, SteveAJones said:

Essentially correct and the only real mystery is where exactly is the wreckage located. I do believe it will be found one day.

Wow Someone on this site said I am correct on an issue?  I am going to fall over. Anyway, I am in total agreement with the Canadian out of Ottawa, Nance, and he is absolutely spot on in his showing that if there were ever two parts of the plane you would want to wash up, they got them!  He says it shows a controlled ditching of the aircraft.  The biggest questions might be, what did the co pilot do to try and stop him?  Did he de pressurize the cabin, likely?   The fruitless search has not been in total vain, as they have mapped very much of the Indian ocean floor never mapped before.  I do believe it will be found eventually. Too much pressure.  They need to go down again at the lat/long listed by those that now agree on a ditching putting it farther south.  Once they find it, Nance believes the fuselage   will be in tact and maybe the plane in as little as 3 or 4 pieces if a controlled ditching was the case.  I cannot imagine many worse ways to kill yourself.  Being awake as the damn plane lands on a remote location of the ocean and then just drowning   Unless there is more going on than we know? I doubt it.  I cant see anyone going along with this.  It sure smells like a lone act of a madman.  But until they find it, we will not know the facts.  The cock pit recorder would sure be interesting. The German pilot that took the plane down in the French alps, he took it straight into t mountain side.  I believe the co pilot tried to hatchet the door down right until the end knowing that he was up to no good.  As for MH370 flying on 6-7 hours longer, its very mysterious.  Nance says its simply to put the plane as remote as possible.  He said the suicidal pilot  did not account for this military radar.  That is the only reason they know its in the S Indian Ocean.  He had shut off the transponder.  Easy to do.  But the other tracking device he turned off was not so easy.  He would have had to have the plane on auto pilot and gone into the lower part of the plane with knowledge of how to do it.  But he did it.  Let's hope they find it. 

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Now that they are 99% certain this was a criminal act, they must go back and search farther south in the Indian Ocean.  The search has not been totally in vain. They have mapped much of the Indian Ocean's bottom that was not previously mapped.    The plane parts that washed up on Reunion Island off Madagasgar, are very telling to the way the plane was landed on the ocean surface.  I cannot imagine ending ones life like this. The bastard of a pilot, unless the experts are very wrong, likely removed all oxygen from the cabin hours before.  No one man can have the power to do this on an airplane.  EVER  

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