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While I believe that all those comparisons to Madonna were absolutely justified when Born this Way was released (due to similarities between the title track and Express Yourself), I really do NOT understand the bloody point of all these Madonna references and comparisons for Gaga's latest offering Joanne. For one thing, Lady Gaga sounds NOTHING like Madonna on this record. Second, let's face it. Madonna is an old geezer and she (no matter what any one might say) is past her prime. I and quite a few of my peers cannot relate to her at all, on any level.

Oh and I feel the need to defend Lady Gaga as she belongs to MY GENERATION and represents my generation's pop icon! Over the years, she is one of the few mainstream solo artists (apart from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, of course) that I have grown to admire and respect, thanks to her versatility and intriguing messages and stories conveyed in her songs. So, I just wish that some people would let these silly comparisons slide! 

End of rant. Back to the music. 


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