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Signed Led Zeppelin Memorabilia


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Hi everyone, 

I'm new here so I'm not sure if this allowed or not, but, my dad (one of Led Zeps biggest fans) recently passed away and I'm having to part with some of his signed collection. 

I have no idea where to go with any of it to sell, and was wondering if anyone here could help me please?

I've included pictures of the signed items. They consist of: Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page Genesis book. Framed JP and RP photographs; framed gold disc presentation with photo, signed by JP, RP and JPJ. 1970 American version of Led Zeppelin IV vinyl, hand signed by all four band members. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's hard for me to part with these because they are so precious but I have a baby on the way and could do with the money...!

Thank you, Liv.
























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You can try contacting an auction house. Bonham's is well known and does rock music auctions. Here's the page where you submit info and images of your items for them to evaluate. 


Or you can just list them on eBay and let the market tell you what they're worth. That is probably going to be the quickest way to sell your Dad's things, because auction houses have sales on set days and if you miss one of them you may have to wait months for the next one.

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...again, different colored SHARPIES in 1980 were non-existent.  And a couple of signatures (especially the Robert Plant on the album) look way off!

First thing I would do is have a reputable autograph certifier verify the signatures as authentic, THEN look at selling them. 

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Thanks everyone. 
My dad acquired the framed signed photos and vinyl in the last 10 years so I don’t know if they’re fakes or not.... not sure if they’re sharpies, could be felt tips? They’ve been around a while!  Hard to get the ones without  authentication looked at at the moment with Covid! Guess that’ll have to wait. But will email Bonhams! 

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5 hours ago, thelivfree said:

Hard to get the ones without authentication looked at at the moment with Covid! Guess that’ll have to wait. But will email Bonhams! 

I'll give you my analysis now: with the exception of the book, all of the signatures are fake.

The book is a great item that has retained it's value but they are not easy for private owners to sell online at original retail price (or more). This is because the people who were most eager to pay that kind of money for that book bought it directly from Genesis Publications when it was initially offered. That said, I have seen them sell online for about $2,100.00 on average, usually when accompanied by clear high resolution photos that show there is no damage whatsoever. To increase the likelihood of selling quickly, my advice would be to list it on eBay for $1,600 with a "Make Offer" option (set it to accept no less than $1,400) and include in the same listing all of the "signed" items as "decorative" items at the cost of shipping only. Bear in mind any reputable auction house will take a commission and will refuse to offer items of questionable authenticity.       

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