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Robert Plant hailed 'good guy' as he shows whole lotta love for Ukranian refugee


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Robert Plant hailed 'good guy' as he shows whole lotta love for Ukranian refugee

Led Zeppelin singer from Kidderminster praised for kind gesture to Ukranian fleeing war

By Alison Brinkworth
19 JUL 2022


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant's kind gesture to a Ukranian refugee has won him heartfelt praise as "a good guy on and off stage". The 73-year-old singer was on tour in Poland when he gave special time to the super fan who approached him at his hotel.

Kidderminster rocker Plant was touched to hear how Stanislav Tovstyi had fled Ukraine to safety but his musician son Max Tovstyi was still stuck in the war zone. Talking the Ukranian flag from Stanislav, he promised it to display it during the gig this week and uttered words that brought some light into the family's lives.

"My heart is with you", the iconic rock star told the refugee. "I support the Ukraine and wish you all the best," he added before taking to the stage with Alison Krauss and putting the flag front and centre.


Taking time to be photographed with Stanislav and sign mementos for him to send back to his son, Plant gave Max something to smile about at this grim time. It was particularly special as Max was inspired by Plant and Led Zeppelin to become a musician.

Max was overjoyed to hear his dad's joy while messaging his father from Kamyanets-Podilskyi in the west of Ukraine. "It was great to see my dad with Robert Plant," said Max from Ukraine. "Robert Plant is a good guy.

"Dad went to the hotel to try and see him as he didn’t have a ticket, but then later on, he was given a free one when the Polish people found out he was from Ukraine.

"Robert Plant is my favourite singer and obviously Led Zeppelin my number one band. I've loved them since I was a kid. As a professional musician, I can say they inspired me the most to get into rock music.

"He told my dad that his heart was with us and was happy to take the flag as he supported Ukraine and wished us the best."

Max has owned a recording studio since 2010 in Kiev, but the war with Russia made him stop listening to any music for months. The hardship of living in a country under siege is taking its toll.

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"I was in Kiev but had to move west because of the war," said Max. "We took our cats and some guitars and moved when we could, I know people who were in massive danger and some I knew died, so we are lucky.

"It was very depressing when we saw Russians attacking our children and women and killing people, even dogs and cats," said Max "They fired at schools, hospitals, museums or malls.

"With all that, I didn’t want to listen to any music for ages. But music is now helping me to overcome this.

"It's all about mental health too. I just wish Ukraine had more weapons as the Russians come here in their thousands."

It was the fourth time Stanislav saw Plant, who grew up in West Bromwich and Tipton, perform live as he also attended his gigs in 1998, 2003 and 2010, when he also took Max.

Other Led Zeppelin fans that Max told were quick to praise Plant, who now lives in Shatterford in Worcestershire. Alexander Ketrzynski said: "Seems like a good guy both on and off stage. I really appreciate those celebrities."




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3 hours ago, Stryder1978 said:

Great story and such a nice gesture by Robert, but couldn't they have found a better spot to take a photo?😬

Location. Location. Location. Hahaha.

But seriously, dead chuffed by this story. Robert is a good egg.

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On 7/20/2022 at 6:52 AM, Stryder1978 said:

Great story and such a nice gesture by Robert, but couldn't they have found a better spot to take a photo?😬

Hahahahha! Great catch. Yeah man, just a classy dude. We are blessed to have these guys around. 


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