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Oakland, September 2nd, 1970


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Hello ZepHeads,

I am wondering where did this very concert took place.

It is said to have happened at the Oakland Coliseum, which seems unlikely to me as it was cca 80k capacity stadium.

So did it actually take place there or perhaps at the Oakland Coliseum Arena near the stadium as the repord says there were cca 10k people in attendance?

The Led Zeppelin Timeline also suggest a possibility that a close-circuit video of the concert might exist as it is rumored there were projection screens on both sides of the stage.


Can anybody shed some light on this practicular concert?

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According to the book "Evenings With Led Zeppelin", the Arena was an indoor venue located next to the outdoor Coliseum. Sounds similar to the Wembley Arena / Wembley Stadium setup in London where the Stadium is a huge outdoor location where major football/soccer matches are played and the Arena is a smaller indoor building right near it, similar in size to a hockey arena.

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Yeah, the 9.2.70 concert took place at the Oakland Coliseum Arena, which was an indoor arena of around 15,000 capacity used for basketball, sporting events, concerts, (The Rolling Stones played there in 1969 and the Golden State Warriors NBA team used to play there), circuses, etc.

The 60,000 capacity baseball/football outdoor stadium next door was called the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium. Led Zeppelin played there in 1977 for two Day on the Green concerts.

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