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Marine Murder


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Have you all been watching the coverage of this horrible crime?

Brings back memories of the other North Carolina base murderer, Jeffrey MacDonald.

The base frankly hid much of the investigation. Same crap here.

I think it is outrageous.

In this crime the woman was just about ready to testify in the rape charge against the suspect, she is/was pregnant, with they assume, his child. The birth would have given the Marines ample evidence through DNA of the baby.

He is now on the run, could be fleeing to Mexico, where he has relatives.

Her body was discovered in his backyard, along with the infant, burnt in a fire pit.


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^exactly. I told Dave that if I were PG and he decided that he needed out that he was supposed to just leave me and be a deadbeat dad. I made him agree not to kill me and to just bail on me. :lol:

But seriously...it's quite frightening as a woman, may I say, to see this happening more and more.

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We live about 15 minutes outside Jacksonville, weird to feel that something so disgusting happened so near here...

I thought for sure he would have been caught by now. I don't usually feel so angry to say things like this, but that boy needs to just sit down and put a bullet in his head. I'm surprised he didn't just kill himself already actually...

No matter what the details of the case are, whether she lied about stuff or what....killing a pregnant woman? Heinous.

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