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No Quarter

Dirigiblicus Maximus

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^^ Um thanks for that, hairs stood on end in excitement. This is my favorite music topic to talk about, live No Quarters.

I know both those well, 14th (I actually listened to 12th most but they are very similar) and 27th. Im sure I know the part you are talking about but I think many versions from 75 have bonzo coming in with jonesy around the same melody. But whats so special about the 27th to me is JPJ's piano solo teases nearly every melody he has played throughout all the past NQ's of that tour. Much like the 5th in Dallas, but nearly twice as much. Soon as he starts the melody you are thinking...oh here we go...then he just slows it back down. And sometimes he does two at once (two hands playing different parts on piano of course). But after hearing the piano Im always now sort of let down by any JPJ's NQ solo before the piano was introduced (March 4th 75, right?). But I definitely hear the melodies that started on the keyboards, just sound so much better with piano.

It would be nice to give time breakdowns, but our versions might be different lengths. I think a rule should be established that all times must start when the song starts.

I think 2/28/75 was the first use of the grand piano, unless it was 2/27 Houston which would make sense with it being the first show of the second leg, but no tape from that one for now.

And I'm with you on the time starting when the song starts...

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Hey there, everyone! New around here. Searched for a NQ topic to discuss and I was not disappointed. Besides, this thing could use a bump. Not enough discussing going on about this fine track!

I prefer 6-23. The guitar solo is more expressive and fluid, the band is more dynamic w/ the light/shade thing during the main section as well. The slow blues jam is awesome, and Robert actually hits the high notes in the verses like the studio version (rare for a live NQ performance).

But 6-21 is the next best thing to me.

You, sir, have just touched on a topic that suddenly makes me most curious: How many versions of the song can be said to have Robert hitting those high notes in the refrain? I have only recently begun perusing (and I mean that in the most intense way possible B)) the versions of NQ from post-75, always afraid of what I was going to hear. (I have been liking my '77s lately though...) To date, the only versions I've heard where he can do it it this one, 6-23. Any known others? If so, how many, and where/when?

(I know that this alone does not a good NQ make, btw. It's just a small portion of the song, but one I am nevertheless curious about,)

Glad to be here, and thanks in advance for answers!

[Edited for spelling, and to add that I'm new here]

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I do not think I read someone post that date, but June 27, 1977 is a real butcher (as they say in France)! Like many, I was blown away by the 21 and 23, or by the 11 in MSG. But this last night in the forum is full of treasures. Including some amazing riffs (on return to the main theme, for example. Jimmy extends this lovely riff to our delight). It's not a perfect interpretation (in terms of pure technical) but what a combination of feeling and creativity!

:wub: :wub:

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