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I suppose it's appropriate...


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I've already introduced myself in the photo thread, but what's one more? Yes, I am such an attention whor... hog. ;)

Mandy Mae is the name. Swooning over 70s Robert Plant is my game. Thank the guy I'm seeing for introducing me to all this. :D Quite the Zeppelin fan, above other 70s bands he admires... he is such an endearing fella... He once said to me recently that he smiles like Plant. Yes, it's a bright shining smile, which he reveals to few... like Page.

Both of us came out most like Page in a "Which Zep bloke are you most like?" quiz link from the Facebook group, "And God said, let there be rock. And there was Led Zeppelin". :) I'd have figured him more for a Jonesy at first but, yes, I can see Page in him.

He's tried to grow out his hair, but in the climate we live in here in the East, it becomes unruly, as it is curly, much like Plant's. He said it was much more manageable while he was out West.

One might mistake me for a Brit, and, though it's in my heritage, I am, in fact, Canadian. Atlantic Canadian, to be specific. See my "From:" entry to the left for a giggle. :)

I'm two months younger than Logan. :unsure: Too bad he is married. :P I kid.

Pleased to make all of your acquaintances!

ETA: Eh... crap! Forgot to check the box to receive email when someone replies...

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