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LED ZEPPELIN's JIMMY PAGE Talks LES PAUL; Video Available - Mar. 5, 2008

A video clip of LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page talking about his "hero," Les Paul, and his love affair with his famous Gibson guitar can be viewed below.

Guitar Player Gear Guide recently offered a first look at one of the tastiest releases of 2008 — the Gibson Custom Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul Black Beauty.

Early in Jimmy Page's career, one of his most relied upon guitars was the three-pickup 1960 Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" with a bigsby tailpiece. In 1970, the guitar was stolen and never recovered, but thanks to the Gibson Custom Shop, this guitar is back in the form of a new Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom, recently announced at NAMM.


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I have the '59 VOS Reissue and I have to say although pricey.. Gibson makes an excellent piece considering what one of these would cost if you could even find an original...

Mine is not one of the JP "endorsed" versions since it doesn't have exactly the same electronics as the one that Walsh gave him.. supposedly Jimmy messed with the POTS... but it's an excellent instrument nonetheless that has all the bluesy feel of this famous geetah...

One of the things that always struck me as funny though is how Gibson makes such great stuff they actually sell against themselves... For the extra money you can have one that says this or that.. but for 700 bux US you can get a brand spanking new SG (faded) that frankly sounds incredible right out of the box...

But yes I took the plunge on one and I'm completely happy with the instrument.. I can't do what Page does obviously but I have fun doing my own "tributes" to that sound.

I thought it was cool to read that Plant had talked with Ahmet and he had told him that he had interest in getting the company back ... could you have imagined that?

Seriously think about the Downhill slide of the music industry basically since the days of the Sex Pistols.. Sure you've got SubPop and some stuff that flared for a bit but besides that it's been pretty much Mariah Carey and whichever Spoken word "Artist" has been in vogue ..

Hilarious... it was like a creative meltdown.

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