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Former BONHAM singer Daniel MacMaster passed away last night. The cause of his death has not yet been released.

Unsigned Connecticut-based hard rock solo artist Jimmy D, who collaborated with Daniel on the EMERALD MONKEY project, has issued the following statement regarding MacMaster's passing:

"Daniel and I started working together in early 2005. We found a writing chemistry and friendship like no other… in the world we loved called music. Now at this moment, it's hard to believe he is gone. We spoke weekly, holidays, birthdays… always, and I will miss the short time we had together. The writing, the jokes, and the stories. In my eyes he was an extremely talented musician. He taught me so much that I was lacking as a songwriter, and now there will be a void. Knowing now that our plans for releasing music performing together this year will never come to pass, saddens me beyond belief. He and I had our heart set on getting MONKEY-MACMASTER and his solo effort 'out to the masses,' as he put it.

"My heart and prayers go out for his family through this difficult time.

"I will miss you brotha. Forever your dear friend, Jimmy D."

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Daniel MacMaster Interview (2003/04)

How did you meet Jason Bonham?

Daniel: “At the time Chris Michaels, a D.J. and good friend, of local station rock 95 in Barrie Ontario, (back when they used to play our music), had to put that in cause they won’t give me the time of day now, even as a Canadian artist. That’s alright though because I was born in York, Toronto, a city who has always played the music, whether it be Scorcher or Bonham tunes, and 97.7 out of St. Catherines, Q107 Toronto, stations like that. Anyways Brian Howe from Bad Company came into the picture here as to the buzz Chris was creating for us as a rock band, he mentioned that Jason Bonham, Ian Hatton and John Smithson were in a studio in California working on a release. Phil Carson (the band manager) came to a show we were doing in Barrie, Ontario “The Clifton” it was, and after we left the show, I played a few songs the band was working on at the time, Phil asked if I could see myself working on these songs with the Bonham, I said yes, so a short time later I left for California to meet up with the band, we played a few songs that we all knew, then went immediately into writing for the release of “The Disregard of Timekeeping,” we had a certain magic, that we all knew right away, in fact if we were playing together again, I’m certain that magic is still there in stone.”

Did you leave Scorcher to join Bonham or had Scorcher run its course?

Daniel: “Yes, we parted ways in Scorcher, well… I for one at the time, to join the band Bonham, it was not that Scorcher had run it’s course, we as a band were offered a record deal from capital records two weeks later, prior to my leaving to join up with Bonham, it’s just the decision I had made, it was a difficult one at that, and Scorcher carried on with Chris Fumo taking on lead vocals for the band, as well as guitarist.”

Was Jason’s vision of Bonham a second coming of Led Zeppelin?

Daniel: “No not at all, in any event Jason was taught by his father John, he grew up in a rich surroundings of music with Led Zeppelin, so of course that Bonham sound is evident, all combined with all of our influences as to what we created in music, it was always a group effort, in the true sense of the word, there is no future in cloning a band, as writers we knew then we had to strive for our own sound to be recognized.”

How did you handle the comparisons between Bonham and Led Zeppelin?

Daniel: “It was never an issue, only with questions like these, and as far as comparisons go that was up to the people to decide, not us we were the band.”

During that time did you have contact with any members of Led Zeppelin?

Daniel: “Yes, we always did as to hearing each others music that was created, Robert was great in that he would always have advice for us as a band, Jimmy as well would check in from time to time to see how we where doing, as with John, I’m sure that whole heartedly they wanted us to succeed, and to reach our goals as artists to become good writers.”

What was your reaction to touring with The Cult after the release of “The Disregard for Timekeeping?”

Daniel: “It was a great opportunity for us as a band to be out playing in front of so many people, my fondest of memories are here, the cult were very good to us and became good friends down the road, you could tell they wanted us to do well…my reaction was I never wanted it to end, need more of this live playing in my life, it’s when you are closest with your fans, the music, very gratifying for me.”

What led to the demise of Bonham?

Daniel: “For me I can say that drug and alcohol addictions becoming a real pain in the ass to the band, the labels, the management, these things led to the demise of me as a person, in that in anything one does the result is the same, you make bad decisions and take the good things you have for granted, you become someone your not, end result Bonham finds a new singer, and of all these things I was just clouding my frustrations in life, the music industry. I had forgotten the true essential reason as to why I do this, it’s all about the people who support us, the people who get us there, it’s their faith in us, the event, it’s about the music, and all the good times created in playing live for people, this I truly love and have found that respect again.”

How did your relationship with Steve Lukather come about?

Daniel: “We as a band Bonham, always went to see Steve play at the Baked Potato, a great venue to see artists play, as well I went to see him and Jeff Healy in Toronto at Jeff Healey’s two year anniversary, gave a song to Steve to listen to and had asked him if he would entertain playing on the solo release, he said yes, I was very happy about this of course.”

Have you contacted Jason Bonham about contributing to your new CD?

Daniel: “Ah, he is usually pretty busy, but he knows the door is always open for him to play if he chooses to do so, if this came about I suppose it would be if Jason had time…I believe the management, Bruce Calwell, has tried to contact him…I myself never know where to find him.”

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Interview with Full In Bloom Music:

FIB MUSIC: What's new, what have you been up to lately and what's in the future?

Daniel: As we speak, I am recording for future releases up and coming soon. I wish to establish myself as a solo artist...

FIB MUSIC: How did you get started playing music? Give us a brief history of your life pre-Bonham days. Where you grew up? Bands you were in before?

Daniel: I grew up listening to Motown and Country music singing along with tunes off the radio. I then tried out for a band and presto, instant singer. I was in a band called Scorcher, five piece band in the rock style, that's the only group prior to Bonham...

FIB MUSIC: Who were your main influences at that time?

Daniel: Sam Cooke, Otis Redding , Marvin Gaye, Robert Johnson, the Jackson Five , the Osmonds, Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, to name but a few...

FIB MUSIC: How did you meet Jason Bonham?

Daniel: Through Brian Howe from Bad Company. Brian found me and informed Jason of my doing's...

FIB MUSIC: Did you audition for the band?

Daniel: Yes I did , I flew to Los Angeles from Canada, to a studio in North Hollywood. It was a rehearsal studio I believe, and auditioned for a few hour's, which in turn led to a day, to being asked to join the band...

FIB MUSIC: What was the story behind Joe Lynn Turner auditioning for the band?

Daniel: The band was to be an all-star band with various member's, such as the aforementioned Joe Lynn Turner. As the line up grew, with Ian Hatton on guitars and John Smithson on bass, keys, violin and everything else the talented bugger could play. I suppose they were alright to gamble on me , myself and I....

FIB MUSIC: Describe Jason Bonham not only as a musician, but as a person (at that time

Daniel: Well, Jason was very easy to get to know, with a warming friendship lent, that could only grow from there. In a very short time we became good friend's, or mate's as it were, always kept in touch and were there for each other through and through...

FIB MUSIC: When you joined Bonham was there an equal split of royalties / residuals / monies amongst all members of the band?

Daniel: I don't believe I need to discuss that with anyone other than the band members, thanx...

FIB MUSIC: Any memories come to mind from the Disregard for Timekeeping recording sessions. Anything stand out? Any cool, sucked, fun, brilliant moments come to mind? Feel free to share more than one.

Daniel: It was great to work with Bob Ezrin, even if we locked horn's now and again. He brought us together as a recording group, and wrote with us. I was against this from the beginning, wanting everything to be our own as a band , but together with the band , they showed me the advantages of success as a single unit. At the time ... real learnig curve for myself...

FIB MUSIC: Who were some of the bands you toured with to support Disregard?

Daniel: Ah we toured with the Cult , Motley Crue, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Metallica "long time no see Larr's", Tesla, Tora Tora, Dangerous Toy's," hey Jason Macmaster, how ya doing chum'...

FIB MUSIC: Describe a typical day in the life of Daniel MacMaster during the Disregard days.

Daniel: Well, we had hair then you know, had to spend the time doing it up.he hee he... ah, being busy, very busy, giving the media, the world, and everyone you know, your time, breakfast show's , radio, radio ,radio, record label personnel... you name it...travelling was good...

FIB MUSIC: How many copies of Disregard for Timekeeping were sold? If you don't know, how about a rough estimate.

Daniel: Well we did get a gold album , lingo of late, as well cd, and cassette, in there can you believe it, so that's 500,000. US... as well I hear it's recently surpassed platinum ...and hey, where's my plak wall hanger!!!

FIB MUSIC: Why did it take three years to release another record?

Daniel: Time , money ,managers , need more info?

FIB MUSIC: Any memories come to mind from the Mad Hatter recording sessions. Anything stand out?

Daniel: Nice to be in a residential studio in England for a change for me, great to tour round the site's, the pub's, meet the band member's families an such...

FIB MUSIC: Who were some of the bands that you toured with for that release? How long did you tour? Any memories stand out?

Daniel: Ah, short lived touring on that one, Emerson, Lake and Palmer through Canada, we had a parting shortly there after, being me as the first member out of the group...I think all in all, a few short month's to tour then...

FIB MUSIC: What was the state of the band at that time? Did everyone still get along? Were you aware that grunge had affected the music scene like it had?

Daniel: The band was fine, and yes we followed what was turning outside our little world of thing's ...change is good...

FIB MUSIC: Do you remember the day that Bonham broke up? What year? What happened?

(Note: Hard to Handle Management announced his Bonham departure in Feb 1993 // SAJ)

Daniel: Like I said, I was first, after the Mad Hatter tour ...after which only the other member's could justify...

FIB MUSIC: Tell us about your first meeting with Robert Plant. Where was it? Describe the meeting. How did you feel about it? Etc.

Daniel: I met Robert in England the first time, was great for me as he is an idol of mine anyway. He was showing me around the various band's he had playing at his daughter's wedding, and how that I should pay attention young Daniel!!!

FIB MUSIC: How would you describe Robert Plant as a person. Your impression of him?

Daniel: Very polite and forthright, witty and a whopping load of charisma...a great one to learn by...

FIB MUSIC: Did you ever meet Jimmy Page? What was that like? Any good memories stand out?

Daniel: I met Jimmy at a show once but too brief to know...hello how are you stuff...you get it...

FIB MUSIC: Did Jason ever share any great Led Zeppelin stories with you? If so, would you be so kind to share a few of them with our readers

Daniel: yes ...load' s and wouldn't you like to know...but ahh sorry, I would not betray our friendship or rather our bond of sort's...you can ask him if you like...

FIB MUSIC: Did you see Jason in the movie Rock Star? If so, what did you think of his performance?

Daniel: Great to see him on the silver screen , I thought he captured the role just fine...he alway's was good at performing at anything...

FIB MUSIC: How did the 90's affect you? What did you do during that decade?

Daniel: I turned off the radio, now and again they ask if I turned it back on ...I can't hear anything...

FIB MUSIC: Out of all the bands you toured with..who were the coolest and who were the biggest jerks?

Daniel: Of the band's I mentioned , every one of them treated us with respect and were open minded with us...

FIB MUSIC: You have worked with Stephen Pearcy quite a bit, what is your working relationship?

Daniel: Well I tell ya, we are, Stephen and I, gonna have something going in the very near future. We have already started out planning, and writing together will commence as schedule's allow ...we get along great ...

FIB MUSIC: Tell us about the first time you met him?

Daniel: He came to our cd release party for disregard ...that's how we met and hit it off...

FIB MUSIC: How would you describe Stephen as a person? Were you a Ratt fan before you joined Bonham?

Daniel: Excellent guy , very easy to get along with, we like alot of the same thing's ...he's a very busy guy though, always on the move, got lot's going on...I've been a ratt fan since they came out ...since I first heard them...weren't you?

FIB MUSIC: Why can't Ratt get back together and quit touring as two separate bands? Have you ever talked to him about it?

Daniel: No, I don't mention it, and you would of course have to get that information from him directly ...you know that...

FIB MUSIC: Any chance of a Bonham reunion?

Daniel: Why always why not ...and hey we're all still breathing and reasonably young... not bad at all ...hey good lookers too...

FIB MUSIC: 3 most fond memories of your days in Bonham.

Daniel: Spending the time I had given with John, Jason , and Ian ...why you ask? Cause you can't buy that at any price....

FIB MUSIC: Daniel MacMaster is transported back to the year 1988. Is there anything you would do differently?

Daniel: Ah...shave my head??? Hey might be fitting ...


FIB MUSIC: What is your most disgusting habit?

Daniel: You don't want to know...

FIB MUSIC: What is the most feminine thing you do?

Daniel: Cut my nailz???

FIB MUSIC: If there is a God, what is the first question you would ask God when you arrive?

Daniel: So yeah, I can see now where you thought it was funny...

FIB MUSIC: Greatest Rock band of all time?

Daniel: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles , The Who, Queen...how can you just name one, it's like eating peanutz...

FIB MUSIC: What were you doing 40 minutes before you sat down to do this interview?

Daniel: middle of recording with my brother Jody and took the time to do this in between ...see, how special you are?

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Daniel MacMaster Interview

by Wayne Dubay of GlamMetal.com

October 16, 2006

Although vocalist/songwriter, Daniel MacMaster hasn't been in the public eye for a few years since his day's with Bonham, it doesn't mean that he hasn't been busy. MacMaster has literally been locked up in his basement, writing song after song for the past decade, and is now ready to emerge from his dusty basement with some great new songs! We at GlamMetal.com are very happy to support and announce the return of Daniel MacMaster to the world!

Just to refresh your memories, Daniel MacMaster co-wrote two very successful records with Bonham during the late 80's and early 90's. The first titled “The Disregard Of Timekeeping,” (1989) and their second and unfortunately last album before Bonham disbanded titled, Mad Hatter.” (1992)

Daniel MacMaster currently has two kickass cd's out, one titled "Rock Bonham...and the long road back," and his latest masterpiece "Stone," which features some great songs such as "Season Of The Witch," "Outside Your Door," and "Faith." MacMaster has recently recruited Bassist/songwriter Billy Childs of the power band Britny Fox! Billy is a huge asset to the band, and only good things can come from this collaboration!

We at GlamMetal.com are happy to have Daniel MacMaster back on the site for the second time to talk with us. The singer seems to have some interesting things going on currently, and he'd like to get the word out, so here he is, the very talented Daniel MacMaster! Enjoy!


Daniel MacMaster, welcome back to GlamMetal.com How the hell are you man?

Hey Doobie thank's for having me back, and I'm good! Things are moving along well, I really can't complain. I've got great management, Bruce Calwell of Reality Management out of Toronto, and Sweet Lou Hetzer of GlamSlam28 Management out the U.S.

First I've got to say, you performed two great shows at the Rhythm House Cafe in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago with Quiet Riot, Jackyl, the BulletBoy's and Ron Keel. You totally kicked ass! How'd it feel to be part of that event, and how'd it feel to be back out playing live again Daniel?

It was great to be playing with these bands as they are true professionals, real top shelf, and to be out playing and promoting the new records was indeed a great opportunity. It felt like having focus and vision for me, somewhere to go in direction of the new music.

What was the highlight of that weekend for you Daniel?

Well I'd have to say meeting up with you Doobie, and Sweet Lou. If not for your belief in what is happening here with the band, and myself, we'd be still waiting it out back home in Canada. You have to value and respect those who put you there man, and I do.

It's been quite a while since you've been out and about Daniel, how long has it been since you've actually toured man?

Whoa!!! This'll show some age! Well ...the way I figure it, around fifteen years, give or take a few. Too long my friend! I should have re-surfaced perhaps ten years ago maybe...but there you are.

Your new band kicks ass man! Please introduce the current line-up, and tell us a little about how you found these guys.

I'm excited to announce BILLY CHILDS (Britny Fox) as our new bass guitarist. As you know, he was introduced by none other than the DOOBSTER himself! All thanks to you for introducing him to the band, as he's a real gem, and a great person. We are looking forward to new shows together. NIALL MELLORS, our man at drums was found through my manager Bruce Calwell as they had worked together prior. TERRY BAKER and LISA EWING, come together literally, as they are an item and play together. Terry on lead guitar, and Lisa on key's. Terry and I go back a ways to the SCORCHER band days. We just sort of fell in together as was pushed for by a lot of people, perhaps the time became right. JODY MACMASTER will be joining us in January, he'll be on rhythm guitars and vocals. Jody and I are family, so brothers we be of the pure sense, we have worked together writing over the years and have always figured that we would be in a band together at some point, and the time seems to be right now...so there you are! A really great group of people to do this with...the hard part will be keeping them together for a spell.

You've been a busy guy since we last talked. You've got a couple of new records out, or coming out very soon. One is titled "Rock Bonham...and the long road back," and your most recent solo album is titled "Stone." Ok... first, let's talk about "Rock Bonham...and the long road back." When is the official release date, and tell us a little about this record, and what people can expect from it.

Well this record is going into pressing this coming Monday, and I do not have a release date from SUNCITY RECORDS, as yet, but you can purchase the cd off from my website at www.danielmacmaster.com although the artwork is different, but DAVID MOORS from Suncity assures me the time is very soon. It is a compilation of tunes done over a span of years, some with a band called SCORCHER, some a solo effort with TERRY BAKER and I, as well as a few tracks from the BONHAM days that were not released, strictly done for the avid BONHAM fans, as I thought they would like to have them, so a good diversity there.

Same question for your latest release, "Stone."

This record is out now and available at my website www.danielmacmaster.com

We are currently seeking distribution for this record "STONE." It is my latest solo effort of which I have written song's with various musicians to make this record the best that I could do right now. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by NICK BLAGONA. The players on this release are: NIALL MELLORS drums, BRAD WILSON guitars, and KEVIN GOWAN on bass. Unfortunately it didn't work out with our former lead guitar player, so Nick brought in a studio guitarist, and his name escapes me...I never even met him, as I was finished recording and left for home by the time he came in. My good friend Terry Baker is currently in the band as lead guitarist now, and we plan to kick some ass! This record as well has a true diversity of music, in that all songs are quite different from each other.

Which label's did you sign with, and do you have any idea where these records will be released first?

"Rock Bonham...and the long road back," is through Suncity Records and is a worldwide global distribution of that release, perhaps David from Suncity will read this an give us a release date. For "STONE," it's still up in the air, as we are awaiting an opportunity for a label to go with distribution, and as well tour support, so that I can get out there with the band to promote both records...believe me, all we want is to be out playing man!

What's a couple of your favorite tracks off of "Stone" Daniel?

Myself I really like "Outside Your Door," and "Faith," and yeah... I'm being safe on that one, but I have to, I need to remain out there and I'm very driven to get radio play, so I try to write in my own way of meeting those needs. My dark side where I spend my days is with "Season Of The Witch." I'm a fall person, or autumn if you will, I like creepy, dark, and morbid, and if a song has an eerie feel or mood about it, I tend to lend myself to that every time.

Are you totally happy with how the songs turned out, and how has the live feedback been so far?

Yes Doobie, I could not be more content, and the gratification that I get from the fans on playing them the music, is just plain fucking magic man! It really is. I need more of that live stuff for a few years to come before recording again, or perhaps I'll record along the way as always...whether a fan is from the Bonham era or not, they have had great things to say about the new songs, and know how to go about getting the new releases, which is grand to me.

What's the writing process like for you, and do you write all of your own material?

Yes, I have always written my own material, hence my slow rise to success, but I am stubborn in that I try to improve on that as the songs come about. However, I do collaborate with either a guitar player, piano player, or just myself, when only I can get my vision out, as it is difficult to get your ideas across the board at times, for the most part, one of the guys may send me a music idea, or we'll come up with one, and build on it. I really prefer to be alone with my works, and what I bring to the music, as I bury myself in my basement at home to build on the songs , then I bring 'em out when I'm satisfied.

After being absent from the music business for a few years now Daniel, how difficult has it been for you to break back into the biz, and get your name back out there?

Ahh...I'd have to say very difficult ...as support in what you do does not come easy, or for that matter last when it does. It generally takes people who will first listen to what you are currently doing with some measure of interest, the right time and place is something hard to grasp a hold of, as usually something great can happen when you are unaware too... for the most part I want what most people do, to work with a great bunch of people in faith of the vision of what can be made to happen out of belief, know how, and action at hand... we will be out there ...period!

I'm sure that the music business has changed a lot since the Bonham days, what are some changes that have taken place over the years?

For the most part I believe the independent labels are showing the majors up, especially at the award shows, which is a good thing for an artist, as a pre-fab makeup lends itself back to creativity for the artist with a greater chance for success. Simply, you will find people who believe in what you are doing that have the connections and make it happen for the artist. Another big thing is the bands providing a finished complete cd for only the label to distribute, this is good as the artist has control over the makeup of the music and direction as they should... fewer people around the boardroom table, wasting valuable time, and dollars, which should go directly into marketing the release out the door, not spent up from within.

Has there ever been any talk of a Bonham reunion? What are the chances of that ever happening, and would you do it?

These questions get fired at us by the media all the time. There is always the possibility while we're around. It would most likely take us all getting together to discuss it, but for the most part as things only come about if the fans want it, and if they indeed are many, and it generates revenue for all involved to make it a reality ...so is this likely to happen? Yes, it very well could, especially as each of us move along in our own music careers, but I honestly do not know at this point.

Speaking of Bonham, did you catch any of the episodes of Vh1's "SuperGroup" with Jason Bonham on there, and if so, what did you think of that show, and seeing Jason on there?

Yes I did, and Jason was great on there man! Was he happy about the line up? Who would be? But, it's great promotion for him, and puts him out there, but you know how we feel about drama Doobie! (laughs) It's quite amusing how the television and music people, still figure that they can package up a group presto, changeo, and have it be successful in a matter of weeks.

If you could put together a so called "Super Group," with any artist you'd like, who would be in your band?

I would never do it! I cringe at the thought of the term "super group," as only ABBA comes to mind... it's just plain wrong ...I like the chemistry thing, but how a band becomes who they are, is by hard work and dedication, spanning over years... but to humor you further, we'll say Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck, Flea, and you can pick a drummer Doobie, and throw me into the mix on throat, and we'll call the band KRAMMED DINNER... just like a Kraft dinner box... the super, stove top, microwavable band...ready in minutes! (Laughs)

When was the last time you spoke with Jason or any of the Bonham guys?

Actually, I speak to Ian Hatton all the time by phone or e-mail. Sad to say, but haven't talked with Jason or John for years, as John is down in Spain, lost and out of touch. I hear that Jason now lives in Florida somewhere. It would be good to speak to all of the boys again though.

Do you have any hobbies aside from writing or doing music Daniel?

Mostly trying to keep up with my kids Kaleb and Aryanna, and my wife Tina. It's the race to see what does Daniel in first, it's crazy town I gotta tell ya, drives me nuts and I already was man...The hobby is the family, and how they all suck the life out of each other, complete and utter madness...did I mention that I bring a lot of that to the table?

What's a couple of your favorite Glam-Metal bands from back in the day?

Ratt, Motley Crue, and Aerosmith if they count as a Glam-Metal band. Ozzy Osbourne is one of my all-time favorites as well, but I don't think he would be considered "Glam-Metal. Actually, there are so many, as there were some great bands of that era with damn fine tunes man.

What is your major goal for the upcoming months Daniel?

To be out playing, PERIOD! In case you haven't noticed, I'm just not getting the radio play that I need. We really need our friends at radio to play our tunes...this comes in no order of importance either as it is all very important...MEDIA, MEDIA, MEDIA, our voice to the good people out there as to what we are up to, and where we are at playing. So yeah, my goal is to get these new songs out to the world, and get out and bring it live!

In closing, is there anything you'd like to say to all of your fans and friends out there Daniel?

I really look forward to meeting everyone, and playing live shows, and introducing these great new songs that I have to offer. I hope to see you all real soon, whether it's a small club venue, or as an opener for an established band in a huge venue. One way or the other, I look forward to seeing you soon...I know many of you may not remember me whereas I've been out of the scene for a few years, but I'm back, and please come visit me at my website: www.danielmacmaster.com and www.myspace.com/danielmacmaster to hear some of my latest songs, and to say hello!

Awesome! Great songs, and great shows. Thanks so much for talking with GlamMetal.com again Daniel. Good luck with the new records, and the tour!

I'm honored that you've had me on again Doobie! On behalf of the band, all members and myself, and our management, thank you GlamMetal.com for all your belief and hard work in keeping us out there! GlamMetal.com ROCKS!


I'd like to say, I've personally seen Daniel Macmaster's new band perform, and they kick ass, and his new cd's, "Stone," and "Rock Bonham...the long road back" have really great tunes on there, so as Daniel mentioned, go to his site and listen for yourselves!

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On 4/2/2017 at 2:01 PM, spellbound444 said:

does any live video exist of daniel macmaster singing with bonham. i mean i love the videos and songs but with all the shows they played there's gotta be something out there.

There are a few live shows in circulation on video but not many. The best one is probably The Gorge in George, WA in 1992. I have it but it's in long term storage. Daniel MacMaster was a phenomenal front man for Bonham. I'm so glad I got to see them three times from 1989-1992 

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