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When did Zeppelin look the best


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Except the live performance,I personally like Jimmy's looks in 1977 best.

He said at the time of this 1977 tour that he was very happy now. He seemed to have matured as a man than ever.

Robert also said ''There was no tour ever that Jimmy is enjoying his work so much like this time'' in interview at that time.

I think that it is interesting that there is a big gap between fan's and their own opinion.

Knebworth Festival, August 1979,they were all perfect adult men,and at the same time their live performance was extremity of maturity.

Afterwards, they were to have continued for a long time.........

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They looked superhuman in 73 so it can't really improve from there.

I'll agree that jimmy looks better now than since the early eighties....DEFINITELY!

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