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The SA Spurs Thread


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I'm satisfied making the Finals. If they lose to Boston or Detroit, I'll still be happy for what they

accomplished this season...AND we get Bynam back next season!

Gahh...!!.....losing to fucking Boston is NOT an option! :blink:

...It's fucking Boston!!

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I feel you Klu...I HATE Boston and have ever since watching my first

NBA Finals in 1969 when Don Nelson's shot bounced 10 feet off the rim

and dropped in to beat the Lakers(damn Jack Cooke and his damn balloons).

But come on, be realistic...did you EVER in your wildest dreams think the

Lakers would be in the Finals this year? Did you?

If you did, well mister you're a better man than I.

Wonder what the odds were before the season of Lakers making the Finals;

could have made a fortune I bet putting a $1000 or even $100 down on them.

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Yeah, I thought the Lakes were toast. No one can win with Kwame as their #3....and the Kobe to the Bulls thing.

But damn, if we win this year it:

1. makes this season perfect.

2. probably destroys any shot the celtics have to win this decade w/ that aging team.

3. could be a start of a dynasty.

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