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"Twat" also generates some good ones...

Twat Pounding

Twat Puke

Knowing Twat And The Public Parakeet

Hardly Twat

Pure Twat

Psychotic Twat


I typed in Mjolnir...and this was the only real good one: "Groovy Mjolnir And The Punching."

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:lol:that was good for some time-wasting fun. Here are the ones they suggest for my Led Zep screen-name:

  • Angel W/broken Wing Flipper And The Hopeless Friday
  • Angel W/broken Wing Girlfriend
  • Angel W/broken Wing Nose
  • Angel W/broken Wing Sauce
  • Angel W/broken Wing Function
  • Angel W/broken Wing Gravel And The Wound
  • Angel W/broken Wing Link
  • Parental Angel W/broken Wing
  • Angel W/broken Wing Sticky
  • Angel W/broken Wing Alexander

Here's some for my real name:

  • Cosmic Becky
  • Loony Becky
  • Lumpy Becky
  • Becky Fire
  • Mega Becky And The Pluto
  • Becky Word
  • Olive Becky
  • Piscatory Becky
  • Quivering Becky
  • Becky Hate

Think I would go with "Cosmic Becky Fire" although "Lumpy Becky" fits well with my username on other boards, Skin Bag. So I gave that a go too....and they are:

  • Skin Bag Ankle
  • Blur Of The Skin Bag Tangerine
  • Skin Bag Emergency
  • Skin Bag Garbanzo
  • Skin Bag Hostility And The Leaving Invention
  • Lucid Skin Bag
  • Luminescent Skin Bag
  • Major Skin Bag
  • Skin Bag Application
  • Sublime Skin Bag

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