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List the Covers they did...


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The fact there would be an endless list of covers and snippets is that Robert was/is a walking music encyclopedia.
Not just an encyclpedia, but a truely knowlegable historian in American roots music, it's founders, it's recording labels and so on. He could really teach a university masters program on the subject. ;)
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Round and Round


Please Don't Tease

Shakin' All Over

I'll Never Get Over You

Reelin' and Rockin'


Hungry For Love

School Day

From a warm-up that I don't know the year of, because I don't actually have the whole thing.

It's widely reported to be from July 6, 1973 in Chicago, but there is some dispute about when and where it's exactly from. Some say it's from '75, but based on Jimmy's guitar tone and Robert's voice, I think it's safe to say it's from '73. It's an amazing soundboard recording, and the songs appear to be improvised and not planned out. Jimmy starts out playing with a riff, then the rest follow. Or Robert will start singing, and there are a couple of times where he starts over until the band follows.

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How many covers did they do (even if they were little snippets).....love to have a cd collection of just that

Here's a few to start/

1. For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield.....early days

2. Mystery Train by Elvis (???)....1977

3. Voodoo Chile by Hendrix (Snippet).....'73

4. Stand By Me by Ben E. King.....'72

5. San Francisco by Scott McKeinze (snippet)....'73


I'm bumping this thread from the last page because I'd like to know at what 73 show they played the excerpt of Voodoo Chile.

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