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Jimmy Page's black frock coat


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Does anyone know where Jimmy Page gets the black frock coats he wore in the Knebworth 1990 concert and the 2008 olympic Closings?

Who makes them and how much are they? (Or are they tailor made?)

The only black frock coats I can find on the internet are Old West style frocks - gag!

I want to look cool like Jimmy when I don my Les Paul!

And Jimmy, if you are reading this, you're awesome!



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These aren't nearly as nice as Jimmy's, but maybe similar to what you're looking for?

Ralph Lauren Chaps or Lord West, here are some pictures/websites and they seem to be available at many sites. I'm not sure how to do the link-thing so I'll just put the web addresses of what I found.

RL Chaps: www.samstewartformalwear.com/designerTuxDetails.php?id_tuxedos=5

Lord West: www.etuxedo.com/cutaways_strollers/cutaway_classic.htm

Hope this helps somewhat. :)

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