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  1. The Yamaha GX-1 JPJ used was an analogue synth not digital.
  2. Ok I'm with you now
  3. No I think you misunderstand me. I heard that Jimmy had tried to work out a version of BIGLY with Steve Winwood on organ in the late '60s . I didn't think it was the piece that I think you're referring to. I think I read it in one of Dave Lewis books or articles.
  4. I thought it was Page and Winwood working out Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.
  5. Where can I get this new Led Zeppelin song " How Many More Times On The Radio"? :-)
  6. You do realize I was joking?
  7. Didn't he used to be in charge of the Lib Dems?
  8. I think the slap back echo in Candy Store Rock was a nod to the early rock n roll recordings of the 50's which the song was trying to emulate
  9. But it's the same mix? So are you saying that rather than having a bad mix ITTOD was actually badly mastered in the first place?
  10. I read somewhere it was made by jpj on his Arp synthesizer. I'm not sure if he had the Arp before the PG sessions but he used it to filter Jimmy's guitars on custard pie so it was about. My guess would be that it was overdubbed during the PG sessions.
  11. I thought the reason they kept getting back together was because John Entwhistle wasn't particularly savvy with his spending and needed to pay off his debts.
  12. Nah! The 80s are the new retro!
  13. They're considered timeless now, but there was a time back in the 80's when they were considered dated ( well maybe not the piano)