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  1. The fact that this forum is beginning to read like teenybopper fanzine!
  2. Yet it was the album "led zep" made. As for Jimmy and Bonzo stating that the next album would be what Led Zeppelin was all about. I'd take it with a pinch of salt. Bonzo never stated anything. It comes from a quote from Jimmy that was made about twenty years later.
  3. Hey! nobody ever wore a Led Zeppelin t-shirt ironically! It's interesting how people's personal experiences differ so much. Admittedly I'd never heard of them till the late 80's. Then again at that time I had no interest in music. After a "road to Damascus " moment just before my 14 th birthday I was hooked and discovered Led Zeppelin pretty quickly. Then there was Remasters and the box set followed by the reissues, BBC, DVD, HTWWW, TSRTS remaster, EDALD, not to mention the Page and Plant reunion and other peripherals like the gradually increasing use of their music in TV shows like Noel's House Party and Shooting Stars, Rolf Harris covering Stairway and Dread Zeppelin. I remember trips to Candem market where they always had a strong presence in the bootleg stalls. While I was teaching guitar in the late 90's their songs were some of the most requested by the kids which shocked me a bit. The first time I recall was this 11 yr old kid who wanted me to teach him "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Moby Dick". There were often articles about them in the press and they began to be cited as an influence by artists other than metal acts. I think this certainly aided the re-establishment of their reputation and helped cement their cool factor form the years to come.
  4. Hmmmm.... not sure I agree with any of that. Jimmy certainly didn't think so.
  5. Of course this is a transcription and all the subtle nuances and inflections may be lost including Page's. On the other hand these guys are old hands at this and should know how the game plays...
  6. I'm not sure if he was being entirely serious. They'd just wrapped the issue up reasonably diplomatically and just as the interviewer points this out he comes out with this. I think it's an attempt at humor. Maybe an off the cuff joke that doesn't translate to the page very well.
  7. You're thinking of Walter's Walk. Wearing and Tearing was an ITTOD outtake. And yes the Vocal for WW was supposedly recorded at Sol studios in the early 80's for inclusion on the Coda Lp.
  8. I certainly don't think it was because the didn't care. Fashions and people change, old routines become stale and everything needs a little shake up. Whatever your opinion regarding ITTOD it was an attempt to experiment with doing something different. imagine if you had to go on stage every night wearing the same clothes, playing the same songs and doing the same show? At some point things just become routine and you're going to start going through the motions. The unpredictability and dramatic tension of your shows will gradually lessen and that magic spark will begin to fade. If you're asleep at the wheel your audience will eventually notice and your once legendary live shows will become simply legend.
  9. What? Where's this?
  10. I can't quit you from coda was from the RAH. The actual show not the rehearsal, this has been documented by Dave Lewis. We're gonna groove basic track and vocals are from RAH with overdubs added at Sol studios for the release.
  11. Because people get older and wiser, some forgive and forget and let bygones be bygones. They probably very close at one point and shared a lot of good times together. Life's too short and nobody's perfect. Also whatever their claim to authenticity both Hammer of the Gods and Stairway to Heaven have added to the Zeppelin legend.
  12. To be honest we can only speculate. He was still quite young, possibly angry at his and his family's situation and needed to lay the blame somewhere. Whilst you rightly pointed out that it was quite possibly ultimately his decision to leave I would suspect that Grant and Page, having his (and the bands) best interests at heart, strongly suggested that he go and they became the scapegoat for his frustrations.
  13. I think what you are missing ( and I must stress I think, I'm not totally sure) is that due to the tax situation in the U.K at the time if Robert ( or any member) had stayed in the UK they would be in debt. Therefore rather than Robert abandoning his family so he could selfishly keep his money it could be seen that his actions to avoid bankruptcy were perhaps the more sensible and responsible thing to do by them.