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  1. The Old Hermit

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I'm still hoping for a vinyl re-release of the original 1976 album some day... maybe even a limited Record Store Day release or something... c'mon Jimmy, the vinyl masters are already done; by Bernie Grundman back in the early 2000's for the Classic Records reissue... and it sounded amazing!!!
  2. The Old Hermit

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    There was nothing petulant about my response; I simply stated the fact that like the fantasy sequences or not, an entire film re-edit of the MSG '73 set sans aforementioned sequences is not going to happen... period... so wishing for such is an exercise in futility when Jimmy Page, upon realizing back in 2006 that he couldn't do just what you are hoping for (and I have no doubt that's exactly what he would have done had legal barriers not prevented him from doing so), pretty much lost interest in the TSRTS remaster/reissue project - according to Kevin Shirley, he only popped into the studio a few times during the remixing process, leaving it largely to Robert Plant's supervision, and it's also obvious he didn't care that much for the remastering of the movie, judging by it's picture quality relative to 2003's DVD release - so he isn't going to do a u-turn, take precious time, money, and effort and spend months in an editing suite compiling a whole 'alternative' movie at this late stage... that was my point, and I stand by it, but sincerest and humblest apologies if you were offended. I'm frankly glad Jimmy wasn't able to re-edit the film in the mid-2000's... we've seen from both Celebration Day and the MSG '73 footage included on both DVD and the 2007 TSRTS DVD/Blu-ray reissue supplemental extras section that he clearly likes the rapid-fire editing style and will do that when given the chance... the 1976 theatrical cut certainly has flaws, but it's an established part of the historical record and should be left intact... just a pity he wasn't also prevented from altering the original accompanying 'soundtrack' album too. One last thing; I stand corrected on the 1977 program included in the upcoming Super Deluxe box set... it's a program for the movie's debut in Japan in '77 not a tour that never happened.
  3. The Old Hermit

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    If anything worthwhile could have been done with this new reissue, giving the movie itself a brand new 4K transfer from the original 35mm and 16mm camera negatives would have made it a first-day purchase for me... the 2007 Blu-ray looks good but not nearly as good as it could have been even then; clearly it was remastered but not to the extent as the live material on 2003's DVD, which all looked utterly immaculate (including the MSG '73 footage which itself was ported over to the 2007 release and ironically looks better than the main feature!). Had that happened, and the original 1976 album been given a spanking new 24/96 remaster, I'd be on this new release like flies on poop, alas...
  4. The Old Hermit

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Whilst all tracks were (more or less) filmed, there were numerous gaps throughout as I stated (cameraman reloading film, particular angle not covered, etc) that made for holes in proper editing coverage and which necessitated the re-shoots 13 months later... and like it or not, the 'fantasy' sequences are part and parcel of the movie, for better or worse, we don't always get what we would like in life, so you're stuck with 'em!!!
  5. The Old Hermit

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    All of the songs were filmed over the three nights, as far as I'm aware, there were just gaps throughout that necessitated the Shepperton re-shoots in August '74 for editing purposes. As for releasing it as a 3-LP set back in '76, that would have been epic for sure, but I think Jimmy Page saw the album more as a soundtrack than a proper live album per se, and the songs from MSG '73 that didn't make it to the album, either because of vinyl time constraints - the blistering version of 'Since I've Been Loving You' for example - or because they weren't included in the film, he likely purposely held back for the chronological live album he still planned to do at some point. Frankly, this whole new reissue is the very epitome of meh... nothing new, re-remastered, exorbitant price tag... and why a program for a 1977 tour when TSRTS itself is entirely from 1973... and as to that included program for the Japan '77 tour... what Japan '77 tour??? If it had been the original 1976 album remastered and reissued now, it would be a different matter entirely... but seeing as Jimmy isn't bothered to do that, I'll not bother giving him more of my hard-earned dosh ... not until we get something of actual substance and not yet another pointless rehashed reissue. I have the aforementioned original version of the album - Japanese SHM mini-LP textured replica sleeve - plus the 2007 Blu-ray, so I'm more than set with regards this album, thanks anyway Jimmy...
  6. The Old Hermit


    No more live releases from '68-'73... that era is MORE than well covered in the live canon! The only exception that would get me excited would be if the mythic Japan '71 multi-tracks were cleaned up, mixed, and released.... those shows are simply too incendiary to ignore! Other than that... Earl's Court all the way!!! Or both. I'd be more excited about a chronological live album if there was at least one multi-track from '77 to work with, and a lot of great material hadn't already been released separately since 2003. Whatever it is that Jimmy has planned, hopefully it'll be interesting and unexpected...
  7. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    If it's the original 1976 mix... I WISH HE WOULD... or at least give it a limited AAA vinyl reissue using the terrific Bernie Grundman mastering used for the Classic Records reissue in the 2000's!!! They - and we - would have got one in the mid-1990's... had Percy repeatedly not put the kibosh on it; Jimmy even issued a press release in early '93 announcing that he was finally working on the chronological live album... but nothing ever came of it thereafter! Why would Plant nix such an album through the '80's and '90's yet agree to it now...?
  8. The Old Hermit


    So if we're getting an official deluxe illustrated book, what was the point behind the hardback books that came with the deluxe box sets in 2014-15...?
  9. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I believe it was Dave Lewis at Tight But Loose who originated that rumor... not sure if he's either spoken about where he got that 'scoop' from or if someone has ever asked him about it. Was it a multi-track recording... and how do you know?
  10. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I posted a link on this site to a 2003 interview with Shirley a couple of years ago - although I believe that interview has since being removed off the 'net - and in that interview, Shirley listed the following as the multi-track tapes he listened to; - Royal Albert Hall, 1970 - Long Beach Arena/L.A. Forum (two nights), 1972 - Southampton University, 1973 - Madison Square Garden (three nights), 1973 - Earl's Court (five nights), 1975 - Knebworth (two nights), 1979 Shirley didn't mention Japan '71 which we know for a fact was multi-tracked, so I'm wondering if there is any in the archives we've never heard of. I'd love anything from '77 (unless it's Tempe), but Shirley stated elsewhere that no 1977 shows were multi-tracked...
  11. The Old Hermit


    I like ITTOD quite a bit, actually; it's a musically more diverse and arguably more adventurous album than Presence, it has some wonderful playing by Bonzo, and it has one of my top five Zep tracks of all time in 'Carouselambra'... I like it, always have done, and the recent remastering was a revelation! It's downsides are; - the the fact it was recorded at the sonically-dead Polar Studios... necessitating the unfortunate need for Jimmy to add artificial reverb, - the aforementioned Jimmy being AWOL as an active creative participant owing to his chemical-induced orbit of Neptune at the time and becoming in essence a session player on his own band's album, - the exclusion of 'Wearing and Tearing' from the released album as it badly needed at least one proper ROCK track to balance out the more esoteric material... and it would have went down a storm live to boot! In all, ITTOD is a poignant, somewhat melancholic, but ultimately gracious end to Zeppelin's active recording days... too much damage was done at that point for them to last much longer - either Plant leaving or Jimmy/Bonzo dying was inevitable, it was just a case of when not if on either - they were a band on their last legs, even if they didn't know it at the time, and ITTOD sounds like it; the flame still burned, but thanks to death, drugs, and overall excess, it burned less bright than before and unbeknownst to all, it was about to be snuffed out for good.
  12. The Old Hermit

    Question Re: Concert Footage TSRTS

    Simple answer is that the EC footage was shot only for the video screens, not for any potential subsequent ancillary release - unlike Knebworth - whereas the MSG '73 material was shot on 35mm film (as opposed to both EC and Knebworth, both shot on videotape) and specifically for the planned movie. They had plans to both shoot (I presume on 35mm film again) and multi-track one or more shows in the subsequently-cancelled August/September '75 U.S. dates to replace the MSG '73 footage (plus the reshoots that took place at Shepperton studios in Aug '74), and that would have been cool, but alas, fate intervened on that one...
  13. The Old Hermit

    Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    "Here Jimmy, try this heroin... it'll make you more creative and your band will soar higher than ever when you're snortin' this baby!" - Keith Richards, 1975. "Bastard!!!" - Jimmy Page, 1976 onwards.
  14. The Old Hermit

    Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    Atlantic as a company in and of themselves were never in the film distribution business, so I think you mean the accompanying 'soundtrack' album that was released simultaneously with the film; when Grant informed Atlantic of the planned in-concert album, the record company said "aha, a live album... we'll own that!", Grant countered with "uh-uh, it's not a live album, it's a SOUNDTRACK album, and if you look at pages 38 and 39 of the contract, it clearly stipulates we retain the rights to any film soundtracks"... score another one for 'G'.
  15. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Can you say that again in a German accent... it would sound so much more convincing!? And if you wear Jimmy's stormtrooper outfit whilst you do so, all the better...