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  1. The Old Hermit


    No more live releases from '68-'73... that era is MORE than well covered in the live canon! The only exception that would get me excited would be if the mythic Japan '71 multi-tracks were cleaned up, mixed, and released.... those shows are simply too incendiary to ignore! Other than that... Earl's Court all the way!!! Or both. I'd be more excited about a chronological live album if there was at least one multi-track from '77 to work with, and a lot of great material hadn't already been released separately since 2003. Whatever it is that Jimmy has planned, hopefully it'll be interesting and unexpected...
  2. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    If it's the original 1976 mix... I WISH HE WOULD... or at least give it a limited AAA vinyl reissue using the terrific Bernie Grundman mastering used for the Classic Records reissue in the 2000's!!! They - and we - would have got one in the mid-1990's... had Percy repeatedly not put the kibosh on it; Jimmy even issued a press release in early '93 announcing that he was finally working on the chronological live album... but nothing ever came of it thereafter! Why would Plant nix such an album through the '80's and '90's yet agree to it now...?
  3. The Old Hermit


    So if we're getting an official deluxe illustrated book, what was the point behind the hardback books that came with the deluxe box sets in 2014-15...?
  4. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I believe it was Dave Lewis at Tight But Loose who originated that rumor... not sure if he's either spoken about where he got that 'scoop' from or if someone has ever asked him about it. Was it a multi-track recording... and how do you know?
  5. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I posted a link on this site to a 2003 interview with Shirley a couple of years ago - although I believe that interview has since being removed off the 'net - and in that interview, Shirley listed the following as the multi-track tapes he listened to; - Royal Albert Hall, 1970 - Long Beach Arena/L.A. Forum (two nights), 1972 - Southampton University, 1973 - Madison Square Garden (three nights), 1973 - Earl's Court (five nights), 1975 - Knebworth (two nights), 1979 Shirley didn't mention Japan '71 which we know for a fact was multi-tracked, so I'm wondering if there is any in the archives we've never heard of. I'd love anything from '77 (unless it's Tempe), but Shirley stated elsewhere that no 1977 shows were multi-tracked...
  6. The Old Hermit


    I like ITTOD quite a bit, actually; it's a musically more diverse and arguably more adventurous album than Presence, it has some wonderful playing by Bonzo, and it has one of my top five Zep tracks of all time in 'Carouselambra'... I like it, always have done, and the recent remastering was a revelation! It's downsides are; - the the fact it was recorded at the sonically-dead Polar Studios... necessitating the unfortunate need for Jimmy to add artificial reverb, - the aforementioned Jimmy being AWOL as an active creative participant owing to his chemical-induced orbit of Neptune at the time and becoming in essence a session player on his own band's album, - the exclusion of 'Wearing and Tearing' from the released album as it badly needed at least one proper ROCK track to balance out the more esoteric material... and it would have went down a storm live to boot! In all, ITTOD is a poignant, somewhat melancholic, but ultimately gracious end to Zeppelin's active recording days... too much damage was done at that point for them to last much longer - either Plant leaving or Jimmy/Bonzo dying was inevitable, it was just a case of when not if on either - they were a band on their last legs, even if they didn't know it at the time, and ITTOD sounds like it; the flame still burned, but thanks to death, drugs, and overall excess, it burned less bright than before and unbeknownst to all, it was about to be snuffed out for good.
  7. The Old Hermit

    Question Re: Concert Footage TSRTS

    Simple answer is that the EC footage was shot only for the video screens, not for any potential subsequent ancillary release - unlike Knebworth - whereas the MSG '73 material was shot on 35mm film (as opposed to both EC and Knebworth, both shot on videotape) and specifically for the planned movie. They had plans to both shoot (I presume on 35mm film again) and multi-track one or more shows in the subsequently-cancelled August/September '75 U.S. dates to replace the MSG '73 footage (plus the reshoots that took place at Shepperton studios in Aug '74), and that would have been cool, but alas, fate intervened on that one...
  8. The Old Hermit

    Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    "Here Jimmy, try this heroin... it'll make you more creative and your band will soar higher than ever when you're snortin' this baby!" - Keith Richards, 1975. "Bastard!!!" - Jimmy Page, 1976 onwards.
  9. The Old Hermit

    Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    Atlantic as a company in and of themselves were never in the film distribution business, so I think you mean the accompanying 'soundtrack' album that was released simultaneously with the film; when Grant informed Atlantic of the planned in-concert album, the record company said "aha, a live album... we'll own that!", Grant countered with "uh-uh, it's not a live album, it's a SOUNDTRACK album, and if you look at pages 38 and 39 of the contract, it clearly stipulates we retain the rights to any film soundtracks"... score another one for 'G'.
  10. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Can you say that again in a German accent... it would sound so much more convincing!? And if you wear Jimmy's stormtrooper outfit whilst you do so, all the better...
  11. The Old Hermit

    Cinematic Blunders: The Song Remains The Same

    The decision to film the final three shows of the tour at MSG on 27-29 July '73 was very much a last-minute decision on Jimmy's part; Joe Massot had approached the band previously about filming a concert performance but was declined... until Jimmy and 'G' decided in early July that year it would be a good idea after all, and hired Massot literally at a moment's notice, who then had little to no time to hurriedly assemble a crew and get their tails to Uncle Sam to start filming. Most of the backstage 16mm-shot footage was not captured in MSG but on previous dates on that final leg leading up to the final three dates that were shot on 35mm and used for the movie. It was all a little haphazard if truth be told, in concept and execution, but God help me, for all it's flaws, I still love it!!! With hindsight, they should have waited, but it probably seemed a good idea at the time - cocaine's a helluva drug, don't ya know! - and besides, those were both heady days and witchy times anyway...
  12. The Old Hermit

    Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    I think we need to put any potential release in perspective here; * Jimmy won't be releasing a soundboard recording... period. * I really don't think any further video footage of real substance is in the vaults and being readied for release... if there was, why not include it on 2003's DVD release? * As for the long-mooted chronological live album, I would give this a passing chance, but much of what would have been included as already been released on separate releases; DVD, HTWWW, the remixed/remastered TSRTS, etc. * None of the '77 shows were multi-tracked and thus it's unlikely Jimmy will authorize the release of the pro-shot shows from that tour - Pontiac, Seattle, etc - without the corresponding soundtrack having a professional recording to back it up. * Japan '71 is another contender, but it's release was nixed back in the day and in 2002, because Jimmy was/is unhappy with the actual recording itself... and besides, on a more personal note, we don't need any more official live recordings from the '69-'73 period. * Which leads me to the only actual audio live recording of substance left in the vaults that's both worthy of and the likeliest candidate for the upcoming release; Earl's Court!!! All five nights multi-tracked, a rightly iconic set of shows that would hold commercial cache upon release, Zep at the peak of their imperial phase in all it's pomp and pageantry - PAGEantry??? - before the dark times that ultimately followed those five nights in May '75... and John Davis' now-infamous tweet was a photo of Page onstage in Detroit during the '75 North American tour. I'm betting it will be Earl's Court... but I fully contend I could be proved flat wrong. It's gonna be an interesting year...
  13. The Old Hermit

    John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

    He specifically said "mastering"... so unless we're reading too much into it, here's what I think it might be; A vinyl release of HTWWW... never mastered specifically for vinyl, so it's technically not a remaster. The long-rumored Earl's Court live album ... but it would need mixed before being mastered, and Davis is primarily a mastering engineer. Of course, I could be - and probably am - wrong on both predictions...
  14. The Old Hermit

    Summer 1977 cont'd vs. Fall 1980 tour

    As others have said; a great and very interesting topic... My own two cents' are that had little Karac Plant not passed away in England, the '77 tour would, in all likelihood, have concluded with no major noteworthy events (save for a record-setting attendance at the climactic RFK Stadium gig in Philadelphia) - although considering the utter madness of that infamous jaunt, who can tell for sure!? - or any further world-shaking performances on a par with the L.A. Forum shows that June. The band would have returned home for a nice rest thereafter, then started working on the next album later that year. The tour would have been declared a success, plus we would have had official multi-tracks of '77; the band tended to record multiple nights in the same venues (or State in the case of the Forum/Long Beach Arena shows in June '72 that made up HTWWW), so either the Chicago dates or the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia dates would have been recorded... alas, what could have been ended on July 26th with Plant receiving a long-distance phone call from England. The band that embarked on the 1980 European tour was, for all intents and purposes, almost a different band... uncertain, wary, cautious, no longer strutting the stage with bare-chested bravado, the set-list pared back, the stage show and PA more modest, the increasing excesses (onstage at least) were cut, and even their stage attire suggested a new mindset and attitude for the new decade. How the planned North American tour in Oct/Nov '80 would have went, we'll obviously never know, but I'm fairly confident in thinking it would have been another uneven tour that, like the Over Europe jaunt, would have had good (maybe even great), bad, and just plain meh moments throughout; Jimmy being back on the road in the U.S. would have been like a red rag to a bull in furthering his excesses, dalliances, and general proclivities (further hampering his playing as a result), Bonzo might have shaped up compared to June/July in his playing - he had quit smack and lost weight in the interim - but homesickness would inevitably have led him in continuing his descent into alcoholism and general touring debauchery (and I've always had the sneaking feeling that had he went on that tour, he wouldn't have returned home alive!), Plant was still wary about touring America again and pretty disillusioned with the overall drug intake by some in the Zeppelin organization but would have given the tour his all (even if his broken heart just wasn't into it as much anymore), and Jonesy... well, he would have been as reliable and professional as always. In all honesty, I think the Oct/Nov '80 tour would have been their last... Bonzo would simply not have survived another year for two legs of a North American tour, a U.K. tour (as tentatively mooted), and a return to the studio for their ninth studio album in late '81... not without drastically cutting back his spiraling alcoholism and unrestrained debauchery whilst on the road... he didn't even survive for a second day of rehearsal to the planned tour, much less anything further, and despite what Jonesy has subsequently said, what happened to Bonzo wasn't a freak occurrence of random chance, it was an inevitable certainty, alas... whether at rehearsal or on the road, it was going to happen at some point. And with that cataclysmic event looming on the ever-present horizon, Zeppelin's days were always numbered... if was a matter of when not if.
  15. The Old Hermit

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Okay, next question (and a logical extension of the last one); was 'I'm Gonna Groove' ever actually recorded at Morgan Studios during the LZ II sessions?