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  1. For the same reason that Ann Bredon sued Page for Babe I'm Gonna Leave You but didn't sue Joan Baez and willie Dixon sued for Wole Lotta Love but didn't sue The Small Faces for You Need Loving. They didn't care about artist integrity if someone who wasn't making any money recorded it, they only cared when there was cash to be made of a successful act.
  2. Did he remaster them anew for the individual albums or did he just use the same remasters he did for the box sets?
  3. My favorite Zep song is from III, which is Since I've Been Loving You. However, favorite album is tough. It's between I and II. I always saw those as sister albums
  4. Presence is a mood album for me. I'm never gonna play just one track on it but rather play the album in it's entirety. That being said, If I could only keep one of the two I'd keep ITTOD because it has more variety.
  5. I never disliked it but I found the alternate mix on the Deluxe Zep IV far more enjoyable.
  6. PG in the states is certified 16 times platinum because it's a double album so that means it sold 8 million.
  7. My answer my not be about a little thing but just the way they take the most simple little original and reinvent it to the point that it's another level of artistry.
  8. Hot Dog and yes I'm serious. I think Plant and JPJ totally nail the boogie woogie piano and 50s Rockabilly style. The lyrics are a lot of fun and even Jimmy's playing, which has been called sloppy, I think sounds good that way, for what seems like a fun jam session.
  9. My favorite Zep song is probably my favorite song in general. Since I've Been Loving You is the only song where I feel the vocals and guitar solo are saying the same thing. Favorite album is probably Zep II for it's consistency
  10. Hello, I haven't been on ere in a while and I have voiced a lot of my points on a general music forum I'm part of and should have thought to come here first, my bad for sure. Here's a copy and paste of my own comment on that forum after finding out the verdict. I'm not gonna lie.This win for Zeppelin was an emotional moment for me and so was this trial.I'm almost glad now that it went to court, because it vindicates them, and brings forth a lot of facts about each song, as well as musical composition in general, for the Zep opponents to consider.I don't believe everyone who sided w
  11. If he's still receiving royalties for non studio albums then Mothership, the box sets and live stuff has probably helped him too.
  12. I don't count Whole Lotta Love as as a masterpiece as much as a signature rocker. IMHO the masterpiece on Zep II is Ramble On. Sure, Kashmir is musically the accepted choice from PG but Ten Years Gone I'm captivated by more. I would also argue that Fool in the Rain wins for ITTOD.
  13. I won't include Baby Come On Home and Hey Hey What Can I Do, as those would easily be 1 and 2 since they are actually master recordings. 1. Since I've Been Loving You (Rough Mix) 2. In The Evening (Rough Mix) 3. Gallows Pole (Rough Mix) 4. That's The Way (Rough Mix) 5. Brandy and Coke 6. Whole Lotta Love (Rough Mix) 7. Everybody Makes It Through 8. The Wanton Song (Rough MIx) 9. Four Sticks (Alternate) 10. The Rain Song (Alternate)
  14. I haven't purchased any of the companion discs except for Zep I for the concert. I have downloaded all the deluxe material. The rough mixes are really cool. The reference mixes, not so much. I do enjoy the backing tracks too.
  15. You could have downloaded it from YouTube with the YouTube MP3 downloader, opened the file with iTunes which automatically converts it to ACC 128, then use iTunes Match to give you a 256 copy. That's what I did for Hey Hey and Baby Come on Home until now.
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