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  1. Goodbye Blue Skies - Pink Floyd
  2. Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company
  3. Super Drew is called in to save the day!
  4. Wish - Stevie Wonder Good evening.
  5. Through With The Two Step - Robert Plant
  6. I was asked to model for something in the newspaper
  7. We can hope and cross our fingers. I wish you luck. You will get something eventually
  8. Yes Hotplant you are right on that one. NBC and CBS are coming out of the upstate. Asheville don't have a really big budget for anything. If we don't get enough tourists each year so people can donate and just volunteer things without it hurting them too badly. Well, you have people closing business's and moving away. We need our tourists. So if you ever drop in....great. 1.5 Million was just donated to UNCA for free tuition and general funds. Anon/// MH
  9. Goodnight Song - Tears For Fears
  10. PM me and tell me what it's doing exactly. It probably needs a good cleaning out. Usually do to a lack of memory. But could be a couple other things.
  11. Wooooo hoooooo they can always make those reprocessed cheese steak sammich's
  12. Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
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