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  1. Oh yeah Miss Kelly Hu... respectfully...
  2. The Eight Gates Of Zen - John Daido Loori Jizo Bodhisattva - Jan Chozen Bays How To Expand Love - The Dalai Lama
  3. Send your moolah to: Mary Hartman - MARY HARTMAN 1200 BCE BLVD Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky 00000 I will send your electronic twinks ASAP Do note usage of electronic twinks in public can be viewed as distressing to some individuals and may catapult them into seizures or fits of humping your leg. So do use with caution.
  4. TODAY: Scattered Showers, Few Storms, SE-5, 73/77 TONIGHT: Showers Likely, SE-5 mph, Low: 63/67 SUNDAY: Scattered Showers/Few Storms, SE 5-10 mph, High: 71 METEOROLOGIST KAREN WYNNE Julie Wunder is elsewhere Karen, what did you do with Julie?
  5. Early Winter - Gwen Stafani (Hiya Jo )
  6. Who you hang around reflects upon who you are. If you hang around teenagers who are butt wipes well it stands to reason you will get smelly. Same is true for more mature individuals. I think this is something which is not stressed upon enough. Be careful who you associate with.
  7. monday morning - fleetwood mac
  8. Rainy Days And Mondays - The Carpenters
  9. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=tpj5giISFbQ Very talented actress. Do note though that we do not feature Dakota. She is below our cut off age..nevertheless very bright and talented. BTW, I've been following Letterman since the Letterman show began. Arrrghhhh us old dragons, chuckles >>>I'm otter here>>>> Notice how vid and photo match..... Dakota is 15 I think.. Please note Miss Fanning this is definatly NOT meant as an insult towards you. Some parents just view us and LZ as very controversial. I think I said that right....? Comes out of admiration and respect.
  10. Do enjoy. And please remember that 5 years down the highway of life these little things which bother us today will seem trite and miniscule. Choose your battles wisely
  11. A girl that lived in my apartment left an Boom Box. It has a CD Player, Tape Player, AM FM Stereo and the speakers in it blast very nicely. Everyone claimed it was broken beyond repair? Hee, obviously they don't know me that well. So now I can listen to all the FM Stations I wish too (well local) for free. I got administrative privs to some computers I've been hoping they would eventually let me in. It's nice to have trust when it comes to something like this. Not being able to get in to the back ends of some of these things leaves you helpless when it comes to repairs. Thank YOU!
  12. Magenta has a keen eye for sexy women..
  13. Generational stereotypes leading to generational discrimination. That was a mouth full... There are big debates going on here on campus over this sort of thing right now. Fortunately, it seems the more professional students, staff and alumni are helping to squash it such as the bug it is. To help explain...it's a bit lengthy but people hate clicking links Wanted: improved on-campus communication Generational stereotypes remain prevalent between faculty and students By Precious Barksdale pjbarksd@unca.edu Published: Thursday, September 10, 2009 Updated: Thursday, September 10, 2009 Fact or fiction? College students are coddled, lazy, irresponsible and impulsiveindividuals. Professors are traditional, boring, controlling andconservative. Well, these are the stereotypes. UNC Asheville psychologyprofessor Ann Weber presents a very interesting perspective on thisissue. “College professors have generational stereotypes about theirstudents, and students have generational stereotypes about theirprofessors. That doesn’t mean that they are necessarily true,” Webersaid. Professors and students should learn to work through stereotypes because they can learn from each other. “I had a homework assignment once that was called ‘Keep Dr. WeberCool’,” Weber said. “I would ask my students to send me the music,fashions and trends that they liked. I have to say, what I received wasvery interesting.” If the major differences between students and their professors aregenerational, we should not only recognize these differences, but alsotry to work through them. “Overall, stereotypes in general are just superficial,” Weber said.“Professors have many generalizations about students at first, but oncethey are able to get to know their students, the stereotypes go away.” Teens and 20-year-olds are the Millennial Generation and peoplebetween the ages of 30 and 60 are either Generation X or baby boomers,according to McCrindle research, an organization dedicated to studyinggenerational patterns and demographic trends. Is it a disadvantage if your college professor grew up around thesame time as your parents? If so, doesn’t this mean the samegeneralizations your parents make about you are the same as yourprofessor’s? “Many professors are the parents of millennial children. We raisedyou, we protected you, entertained you, we did everything. And as aresult, we spoiled you into thinking that everything should be handedto you,” Weber said. Regardless of the circumstances, every student, at one time oranother, probably encountered an older person comparing them to agenerational stereotype. “The younger generation is viewed by the older generation asunsophisticated, uninformed and less serious,” Weber said. “These areall classic stereotypes about adolescents.” According to the McCrindle group, the baby boomer or Generation X professors are authoritative, responsible and strict. While professors have stereotypes about the younger generation, students also have stereotypes about the older generation. “My strict high school teacher told me to be responsible in collegebecause professors don’t remind you of when things are due,” saidfreshman Hannah Orr. “He also said that professors are a little crazyand sometimes make bad jokes. I’ve found that to be true at UNCA.” The biology student says she knew her professors would try to relate to students in her generation in some way. “Sometimes I think when professors try to relate to students it doesn’t work, but it also depends on the student,” Orr said. Orr also says she recalls a time when her professor was more lenient when she injured herself. “I also didn’t expect my professors to be OK with me missing classfor a couple of days, even though it was because I fell off of my bunkbed,” Orr said. More assessment programs would provide more opportunities for both students and professors to critique each other. Assessment programs that exist at UNCA are the national survey ofstudent engagement, the voluntary support of accountability and thecollegiate learning assessment. “When I was in college, I had a lot of stereotypes about myprofessors. I thought they were absent-minded nerds who always spilledcoffee on the papers they were grading,” said associate professor ofpsychology Mark Harvey. Harvey calls stereotypes “illusory correlations defined as beliefsthat inaccurately suppose a relationship between a certain type ofaction or an effect.” “An example would be if someone says it always rains when I wash mycar,” Harvey said. “Because an individual always refers to when theywashed their car and it rained, they maintained that stereotype basedon that one instance.” Stereotypes cause a lot of misconceptions between the intentions of college students and their professors. “Some stereotypes that the older generation have about collegestudents I would definitely question, such as being cynical, oruninteresting, but a lot of stereotypes I hear are positive,” Harveysaid. Though some are positive, stereotypes overall are misleading, unnecessary and almost always incorrect. “I only hear positive things that professors say about theirstudents. The professors here are very grateful to have students whoare just willing to learn,” Harvey said. Accepting the generational differences and working through them canonly help, not hinder, the relationship between students and theirprofessors. “Because our way of learning as a student was different, we shouldwork together to learn things about each other and our differences andappreciate the things that are great and accept the things that wedon’t understand about each other,” Weber said. Courtesy The Blue Banner http://www.theblueba...cation-1.437387
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR_i0sKWKEA&feature=player_embedded
  15. The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
  16. Tickle tickle That frickin cow picture cracks me up.
  17. Oh, On another strange note. Do beware of user names Georgia and desirezep. I'm still getting threatening emails from this lunatic. All I can do is forward them to authorities and hope she shows up in America for questioning
  18. Alexis Bledel beat out all other sex icons and models to be our first feature girl. I went through hundreds of girls for 16 days.... Alexis still stood out as funny, down to earth and very easy on the eyes
  19. Julie Wunders 7 Day Forcast. Julie has one or two kids, two I think. http://www.wlos.com/...s/Web_7_Day.JPG Live Cams... http://www.wlos.com/images/station/features/cams/pisgahcam.jpg http://www.wlos.com/images/station/features/cams/skyscan.jpg
  20. I agree, FUCK THAT. I can demonstrate how to draw blood from a broken nose in a split second though.
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