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  1. I'm Rachael Sterling and it's time to rise everyone... 0650hr NYNY Time
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCp1fyNWJX4
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6GLT25guUs
  4. Forty Mile Town - Eric Johnson
  5. I believe the post was meant to help. Not to argue with you anyhow. Go look for Steve or something.
  6. No kidding, we will toss on some Zeppelin and roll with it from there. Actually the leaves have just now started to turn. It's supposed to rain all week so you can feel it in the air. Kitty, kitty, kitty.
  7. Actually it's unconstitutional to draw your blood without your permission. They cannot force you to do this. If you just say refuse it and tell them it's assault and physical oppression. It is unconstitutional to force bodily harm upon you. Just say ok, let me draw yours first since you are allowed to draw mine without my permission. Biometrics, implanted devices? Sure not problemo oh dictator man. Just add ear tags and you wont have to pay for the scanners.
  8. Actually a lot of people do like Facebook. I just never have. But in the long run whatever we can do to share and plug little holes is what it's all about. (Watching US Open)
  9. Awww. Cool pic Steve.. Well must run, get all me bits and bobs in order. Peace...
  10. Does it have an all seeing eye dog? Woof woof... :hysterical:
  11. Yes I do. But it will be gone entirely as I've deleted it. Takes 14 days to roll off. BTW. If they allow people to access your personal information...they do not maintain a tight ship. I don't care what you say. Not having a security policy so they can promote add warez and other sniffers can get into your pc. Perhaps you have things tightened down....how about your teenage pal next door? Oh yeah, you don't work with computer security much huh?
  12. Packages which are shrink wrapped to where you cannot get into them, oh and the ones which are molded in plastic too. I HATE THOSE THINGS. You cannot repackage them to return either.
  13. Sirchris has most excellent taste in music. Good morning Sirchris. This is my quiet time...I hear the AC hum and the h/d whirring though.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pphVs8bF0
  15. The day is young. Let us know that in times of trial and hardship our true friends will reveal themselves. The fair weather pals will run off or leave you gasping too be revived because their hearts and minds are all which matters. Manderlyh sorry to hear about the family member...and Ally's neighbor. Love will tighten the threads which bind.
  16. Italian Dark Roasted... Oh and laughing me arse off.
  17. I've heard Welshies call Robert Plant... Robutt. Does this count? How about Robbie?
  18. Added to your FBI reports. Oh and I am allowed anywhere I want to be. One is nowhere near a psycho. Did we not just go through this 1000 times?
  19. Oh contrare. QUESTION 2: OK, that doesn’t sound good, but myprivacy settings will protect my information, right? By default,Facebook’s privacy settings: A. Prevent any application from seeing anything on my profile unless I install and use that application. B. Prevent applications from seeing anything on my profile if I have specific privacy settings for specific details on my profile. C. Allow applications — including those used by my friends — to access to my profile. ANSWER: C. Facebook, no stranger to controversy over its policies regarding user data,does not have policies in place that reassure users that theirinformation is automatically kept private. By default, Facebook’sprivacy settings let applications access information on your profileeven if you have restricted access to a specific network or friendgroup (as application privacy settings are separate from profile privacy settings).In addition, Facebook’s default settings allow applications run by yourfriends to pull information from your profile. Surprised? Check out your settings and see for yourself!
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