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  1. Haha I might have done that too but had two people with me who would not have understood.
  2. I saw JB at RAH in July of 2009. I didn't walk out as I had paid an outrageous amount of money for the tickets but I did get the same impression you did.
  3. Do you mean this: Page:"Well I don't know whether it was the media or big business that caged rock and roll. I think it was the business side of things that eventually strapped it down, gagged it and then taxed it." I can scan in the article if you like. And out of curiosity, why did you walk out of the Jeff Beck concert?
  4. Sorry, I just don't think it works, but maybe it's a matter of taste. Even when he was young his voice was frequently annoying.
  5. Well so far no one has admitted that they will buy any of these photos.I certainly won't. As a few of you have mentioned, JP is indeed retired as an active musician and presumably he has returned to art as a creative endeavor. And sorry to offend (not really) but Robert Plant should retire as well.
  6. So sorry, hope whatever you do works out for the best. I can testify that it's better to end it while you can rather than go through with a mistake. My problem is teenage drama with my daughter. I need to get my own life!
  7. Jimmy Page in West Lafayette Indiana! Wish I had known...
  8. Fortunately I live in northern Indiana.
  9. I made a copy of the sweater vest for my daughter, wish I could find the photo I posted here a few years ago...
  10. Teenage daughter in a bad mood...I need to get my own life!
  11. I just wish the IRS would play Zeppelin while I am on hold.
  12. I was at a client's office in a room full of various workers in cubicles. Someone was on speaker phone and got put on hold and the hold music was Black Dog. Everyone in the room murmured in appreciation, and an IT guy said he hoped the company had permission to use Zep music.
  13. Capricorn, moon in Taurus, Gemini ascendant.
  14. Love the psychedelic sound of this song:
  15. Pete Townshend at the inaugural John Peel lecture- “Did he [Peel] really give Led Zeppelin their big break? I can’t see it myself.” “I don’t give a s**t about making money,. I think rock music is junk. I am a genius! The Who were OK but without me they would have all ended up working in the flower market, or worse – in Led Zeppelin.” What a piece of work Pete is! Oh and he also doesn't like ITunes.
  16. Someone reached out to me today, apologized for their past actions and vowed to do better in the future. That took a lot of courage and character. It really meant a lot to me and I hope I can do something similar if the occasion arises.
  17. Say, STZ, what's the time where you are? It's 8:30 in the evening here. I only ask because I could never come up with a quip like that on a Friday night.
  18. I'm sorry. I took care of my mother for a long time and I'm pretty sure she rarely realized who I was.
  19. I need a spouse like you lol. I like Stockholm Syndrome because the guitar takes precedence, unlike a lot of their other songs. Still they are a good band if a bit one dimensional.
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