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  1. I am sure I am not the only one in here. As you can see, Plant was done first, three others followed recently.
  2. I don't smoke cigarettes, occasionally some pot but it's been a couple of years since my last joint. I like red wine and smoky whisky from Islay.
  3. Yes. Sometimes it's annoying, but most of the time I do understand that it is not comfortable for the baby. Cranky toddlers can be even worse. Have you ever hitchiked for a longer trip?
  4. No Have you ever been in a situation that required you to give first aid, and do you know how to do it?
  5. No, but I am little curious about it, intellectually Have you ever smoked pot?
  6. No Have you ever been handcuffed?
  7. Scarlet Johansson Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe?
  8. Lol, no, but once I was very hungry and while feeding my cat I had a little urge to taste... But didn't! Have you ever swallowed your gum?
  9. No Have you ever stolen anything?
  10. Autumn hit this country today. Yesterday it was 20 degrees and sunny, now only 5 degrees and it has been raining all day... :-(
  11. Bob Marley Could You Be Loved or No Woman No Cry
  12. Vietnamese Sushi or sukiyaki?
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