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  1. I am sure I am not the only one in here. As you can see, Plant was done first, three others followed recently.
  2. A beautiful man he is :-)
  3. I don't smoke cigarettes, occasionally some pot but it's been a couple of years since my last joint. I like red wine and smoky whisky from Islay.
  4. Yes. Sometimes it's annoying, but most of the time I do understand that it is not comfortable for the baby. Cranky toddlers can be even worse. Have you ever hitchiked for a longer trip?
  5. Here is a photo of the content of the maternity box. You can google more about the subject if you are interested in this, quite unique way of helping parents to get everything the baby needs :-)
  6. Everybody gets them, the rich and the poor. There is also a monthly "child benefit" for every family who has kids, it's about 100€ a month for one child, 200€ for two and so on, and it's tax free money. It is also for both rich and poor. 100€ equals about 125 dollars a month. All this is still not "cheap" for us as we pay very high taxes here in Finland.
  7. No Have you ever been in a situation that required you to give first aid, and do you know how to do it?
  8. Great topic. I have lived in two countries for a longer period, Finland and USA. I had a chance to stay in NYC but decided to return and don't regret my decision. Finland is clean and safe. We have plenty of unspoiled nature yet our cities are full with life, interesting design and nightlife. Finnish education has been ranked very high for years. Our schools are free, universities are free. Healthcare is free. A woman can be on a maternity leave for a year, and she gets a wonderful "maternity box" for her child that includes everything the baby needs for the first year. Majority of Finnish women are highly educated, work outside home and are financially independent. There are a few things that came into my mind :-)
  9. Thanks for posting, Deborah :-) looks and sounds great. Seems like they are still good friends, which is nice :-)
  10. No, but I am little curious about it, intellectually Have you ever smoked pot?
  11. No Have you ever been handcuffed?
  12. Nemea

    This or That

    Scarlet Johansson Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe?
  13. Lol, no, but once I was very hungry and while feeding my cat I had a little urge to taste... But didn't! Have you ever swallowed your gum?
  14. No Have you ever stolen anything?
  15. Autumn hit this country today. Yesterday it was 20 degrees and sunny, now only 5 degrees and it has been raining all day... :-(
  16. Nemea

    This or That

    Bob Marley Could You Be Loved or No Woman No Cry
  17. Nemea

    This or That

    Vietnamese Sushi or sukiyaki?
  18. For breakfast this morning: oatmeal with fresh blueberries, a cup of coffee, lots of water. For lunch I had smoked salmon, potatoes, salad. Tonight we are having a mexican evening, it'll be a feast :-D
  19. Nemea

    This or That

    Christopher Lee Sean Connery or Roger Moore as James Bond?
  20. Nemea

    This or That

    The Clash The Beatles or The Rolling Stones
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