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  1. Teams I like tonight are Minnesota, Nashville, Sabres, Kings, Islanders, Florida, Tampa, Sharks
  2. The "circus" that is on 24/7 on CNN, MSNBC and FOX
  3. Well the biggest fighting if you will was between Frey and Felder. Henley said in response to Felder wanting more vocals, "its like me playing lead guitar on Hotel California". How can you argue with that statement? You can't. Henley is a great great artist. Timothy B Schmidt is a great artist and he never "rocked the boat" nor did Joe Walsh who is also a great artist but he came right out and said "I could never write songs like Don and Glenn". I think "Get over It" from Hell Freezes Over was likely partly directed at Felder? Maybe not? But make no mistake about it, Henley and Frey were the Eagles for the most part. The masterminds behind the success.
  4. He likely did it thinking that it would have been Glen's wish? But I am not sure. I still love Don Henley, and Felder too. I also love Timothy B Schmidt who is fabulous. Its very sad news to know Glen is now gone. I never saw Glen leaving us this early
  5. Oh I realize that. I m only saying it was the right things to do and I am happy he has no ill feelings. Or at least is not showing them like Felder who I can understand.
  6. Sure Creedence deserves a ton of respect, I imagine you are referring to Fogarty? Lambda Leap is on the same page as me. They were the greatest American band ever and I do not think its even close. I will put Allman Bros and Skynyrd on my top 5 and maybe throw in Aerosmith and the Beach Boys for sure. But the Eagles to me are the best American band ever. The first greatest hits album is simply fabulous and then along comes Hotel California. To me that guitar solo with Walsh and Felder was magical. Henley is one of the best vocalists of all time. Jackson Browne did a great job doing Take it Easy in Glen's memory. I think Don Henley was thinking, what am I doing here with all this rap shit being played around me?
  7. The major media networks, and Vegas do indeed love the Cubbies chances to win it all this year. I must say they have a heck of a chance. I am not ready to hand the Red Sox the AL East like many of the so called experts are. But I am wondering what my team is doing to address the pitching now that Chen is gone also? We have a good lineup. Pitching will make us or break us. Pretty soon someone can start another contest but I would say we are a month early at least.
  8. Hi Esther. Blizzard conditions here. Typical.
  9. Henley and some others will be at the Grammy's coming up and I am taping it. There will be a tribute to Glen Frey and David Bowie also
  10. Well said. The above poster says the History doc turned him off and I get it. But it was more between Frey and Felder. Henley made a great point on Felder trying to sing more. He said, "its like me trying to play lead guitar in Hotel California". Well put! I am still pretty shocked that Glen has left us.
  11. In recent years no, they have had success, but the great teams the Orioles had I would take over any St Louis team ever. I mean the team with 4 20 game winners and Brooks Robinson. Jim Palmer was better than any pitcher you had and Gibson is the only one that is close. The Cubs will win the NL IMO. We will see
  12. This is why the stupid folks in Vegas have the Cubs as the favorites to win it all. Madden took them to the NLCS the first year he had them. He beat your Cardinals and will again. This time he will get them to the Series. I believe it. As for baseball, I am not yet in the mood as its early Feb. And many moves yet to be made. Nobody can match the Yankees if you want to talk history like you are. Are you going to compare your damn red birds, which I love the real birds, just not the St louis ones, to the Yankees?
  13. I am having a hard time dealing with Frey's sudden death and I had no idea he was sick. I love the Eagles. Love them. Greatest American band ever. Period. Glenn will be missed by many and me included. I was lucky enough to see them twice live. Fabulous. Songs like Hotel California and Peaceful Easy Feeling an Take it Easy will live forever.
  14. That lame walking skeleton with a drug store inside of him has a lot of fucking nerve!!! I have no respect for him now. He is along for the ride like he has always been. Jagger made him. I can play as good as he can, They always needed a true guitarist like Taylor to cover his inadequacies on the guitar. He even had to take off a string ad play everything in open G to get by the fucking ugly bastard. Go get some botox before you break a mirror.
  15. Did anyone see Henley say he could not hit the drums as hard as Bonham? Or hear Frey say "I can't believe I am going to get to play where Led Zeppelin recorded Rock n Roll".? They had tremendous respect for Led Zeppelin. The Eagles were one of the best American bands of all time and IMO the best. I always loved groups like the Beach Boys and America too. To me the Eagles were top notch. The guitar solo in "Hotel California" is to me the second best of all time next to Stairway.
  16. Uh, I think the caucus stats? Because, THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!! That was NOT A POLITICAL opinion for the record!
  17. I had Everton and now need Chelsea to cover the -1 1/2 to pick up a C note
  18. The History if the Eagles has been on often this past week. Its a must see in my opinion. Joe Walsh says he never could have written the quality songs that Frey and Henley wrote. There is the full disclosure of the fighting between Frey and Felder, and Frey and Henley and Walsh all have their turn at narrating the stories. Lots of old shot from the 70s as well as shots of their reunion days of post 1993.
  19. I saw your sig, your Zepp experience. April 30 1977. so I saw them exactly one month later on May 30th in Landover Back to baseball, your bullpen sucks and you will have to win games 8-7, and if we do not make any moves, we may be in just as much trouble with our starters. But I expect them to make some kind of moves unless they are banking on guys like Bundy and the other kid that came up and did pretty well making a splash? Tillman must do better and I know Gausman is going to have a big year. We need to go out and get a big name pitcher. As for bullpen, I wonder if Andy Miller has been picked up by anyone yet? I hear from a Red Sox friend they could lose their Japanese stud?
  20. History of the Eagles. Shots of Bonham are in it
  21. Give him a week and just maybe he will see the post? Hmmm. Or he has and has no good answer. That is the more likely scenario. I have no idea what my own boys have up their sleeves but keeping Davis to me was a good thing. One would think at some point his strike outs would diminish and his HR's would stay close to the same as now at least for a couple of years. I am not sure if Miller was signed by anyone yet? The ex Red Sock, Oriole, Yankee, leftee? Many more moves I would think are looming. They have to be. I hear Chen is gone. Someone told me where but I forgot since it was not Baltimore.
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