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  1. Well if nobody hears from me it's because I can't remember my password. It's saved on this I Pad but hidden! #####
  2. I am off to a W6, 6-0 first two days of this month. Time to kick ass!!!
  3. Teams I like tonight are Minnesota, Nashville, Sabres, Kings, Islanders, Florida, Tampa, Sharks
  4. The "circus" that is on 24/7 on CNN, MSNBC and FOX
  5. Next coach to be fired will be the coach of the Vancouver Canucks. Bank on it. I see that Stahl is going to the Rangers. I wonder if he is happy about it? I doubt it. Strider, if you read this, can you explain to me the hatred between the Ducks and Kings? Why is it so intense?
  6. Well the biggest fighting if you will was between Frey and Felder. Henley said in response to Felder wanting more vocals, "its like me playing lead guitar on Hotel California". How can you argue with that statement? You can't. Henley is a great great artist. Timothy B Schmidt is a great artist and he never "rocked the boat" nor did Joe Walsh who is also a great artist but he came right out and said "I could never write songs like Don and Glenn". I think "Get over It" from Hell Freezes Over was likely partly directed at Felder? Maybe not? But make no mistake about it, Henley and Frey were the Eagles for the most part. The masterminds behind the success.
  7. He likely did it thinking that it would have been Glen's wish? But I am not sure. I still love Don Henley, and Felder too. I also love Timothy B Schmidt who is fabulous. Its very sad news to know Glen is now gone. I never saw Glen leaving us this early
  8. Oh I realize that. I m only saying it was the right things to do and I am happy he has no ill feelings. Or at least is not showing them like Felder who I can understand.
  9. Sure Creedence deserves a ton of respect, I imagine you are referring to Fogarty? Lambda Leap is on the same page as me. They were the greatest American band ever and I do not think its even close. I will put Allman Bros and Skynyrd on my top 5 and maybe throw in Aerosmith and the Beach Boys for sure. But the Eagles to me are the best American band ever. The first greatest hits album is simply fabulous and then along comes Hotel California. To me that guitar solo with Walsh and Felder was magical. Henley is one of the best vocalists of all time. Jackson Browne did a great job doing Take it Easy in Glen's memory. I think Don Henley was thinking, what am I doing here with all this rap shit being played around me?
  10. Well Don Henley looked like he was not happy with it. Like, WTF? Is this all you can do for Glen Frey? That is my attitude. I am not surprised Felder was not there but was not sure. I thought it was great that Walsh and Timothy B Schmidt were both there, two fabulous musicians. I really wanted Don Henley to do one song. Someone should have done a rendition of Lyin Eyes or Tequila Sunrise for Gods sake. Pure shit is right Strider.
  11. The major media networks, and Vegas do indeed love the Cubbies chances to win it all this year. I must say they have a heck of a chance. I am not ready to hand the Red Sox the AL East like many of the so called experts are. But I am wondering what my team is doing to address the pitching now that Chen is gone also? We have a good lineup. Pitching will make us or break us. Pretty soon someone can start another contest but I would say we are a month early at least.
  12. Love this!!! I too hate the Flyers. I see the Rangers took care of them. Washington looks mighty tough. In the West the Kings and Hawks as usual are tough as hell. St Louis is heating up. I really think tonight's game is a possible preview to the finals. Wash vs Kings. My boy Jack Eichel is really starting to impress. Check out the highlight reel goal the other night he scored on Colorado.
  13. Hi Esther. Blizzard conditions here. Typical.
  14. She has a great voice. I missed it but have it on tape. I watched Jackson Browne do a great job on Take it Easy but I felt they should have done more for Glen Frey. They can shove the Grammys and their Rap shit. Don Henley is better than any of those people on and I have no interest in most of it. I will watch Lady Gaga's Tribute at some point. I am disappointed that more was not done in memory of Glen Frey
  15. I thought the real potentially accurate prediction in the article I posted about predicting the next 25 Super Bowl's is the possibility of over seas countries eventually having an NFL team. After all, you only play once a week so the travel can be done any where on Earth. England to me is the most likely to get a team first, even ahead of Canada. I had always thought Tokyo could have landed a baseball team? The NFL in England or Germany is real possibility. Not sure about that Dublin prediction. London for sure. The Toronto experiments were crash and burn but i wonder if the Bills had been better if it could have worked? The border laws are so brutal now that Americans simply want no part of driving up there. You are treated like a fucking criminal at the border and its an insult. It has caused strained relations to a degree. And the Canadiens have had to put up with just as much shit as we do. So I am not saying its just us US citizens with headaches. Is both.
  16. Are you referring to his work with Deep Purple on Purple Passages for instance? The pre Smoke on the Water/Machine Head days if you will?
  17. I have never been a fan of the Grammy awards in general, except when Led Zeppelin got a lifetime achievement award. But ai am taping this one because of the tribute to Glen Frey and Bowie also. Henley is going to be there and that is enough for me to tune in to hear him and Joe Walsh and maybe Felder if he is there? Glen and David both deserve a tribute. The end of the Eagles is now official. And it sucks.
  18. The Clippers have played well without Blake but the loss at Boston is evidence they need him to go deep. They are a thorn in the Warriors side when they are at full strength. I am not a big fan of Doc Rivers and blame him for losing the series to Houston last year. Up 3 games to 2 and up handily after 3 quarters in what should have been the clincher, he found a way to blow it. I wish they fired him and found a real coach
  19. Henley and some others will be at the Grammy's coming up and I am taping it. There will be a tribute to Glen Frey and David Bowie also
  20. Well GS has not been mentioned as a destination. Obviously it would be a team that needs him.
  21. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14747408/super-bowl-50-history-why-not-predict-next-25-super-bowl-winners Some of you may get a kick out of the above. Who wins the next 25 Super Bowls, and yes they were kind enough to have my Bills beating the Eagles in 5 years. More interesting is predictions of Dublin winning one and I believe Tokyo or some team in Asia losing one, and Montreal being in there. The Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Raiders winning one. Amusing article n ESPN
  22. Well said. The above poster says the History doc turned him off and I get it. But it was more between Frey and Felder. Henley made a great point on Felder trying to sing more. He said, "its like me trying to play lead guitar in Hotel California". Well put! I am still pretty shocked that Glen has left us.
  23. I am betting Wade Phillips, who I like and have talked two twice, will get an offer as a head coach again. Maybe before the week is over?
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