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  1. Sardinia (Italy), last summer ( ^ )
  2. there's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear

  3. Julia Finch found her bluebird today...*_*

    1. why-att


      Oh, let me guess. ;)

  4. I got engaged, for the first time in my life... ...I have no more words, just want to dedicate this short post to Aleister!
  5. My unexpected wonderful achievements in two Greek tests I did before Christmas holidays: 9 and 10. Maybe just because today's jimmy's birthday...
  6. I'm surprised by everything's happened since 2013 started...

    1. why-att


      Sounds good. :) What happened to you?

  7. Mercedes Benz, Janis Joplin. Been singing it since I woke up this morning...
  8. Thanks Strider, I didn't see it. Yes, there's minestrone or pastina (which a soup with pasta)...fortunately I was hungry although my disease, so I ate a lot of pasta/rice as always!
  9. Been in bed since Monday with a 39°C temperature. So painful and boring. Today the doctor also told me he had given me the wrong medicine, which was why my disease wasn't improving...
  10. Snowing again! The city is covered by nearly 15cm of a white soft layer. It seems it's going to finish on Saturday morning...
  11. Hi Michael You know my point, I completely agree about the two possible "negative" sides of the movie: the audio especially during the first two songs, Good Times Bad Times and Ramble On, and the edits in WLL, which are in my opinion a real shame. That would have shown their chemistry, thier own fashinating way of working. So now you're telling me that they also edited some parts of the conversation Plant-audience in the CD??(It hasn't arrived yet). As to the Page's solos thing, well I think he just wanted to tell us: "Few words, and few notes, can tell a lot sometimes." So personally it wasn't a problem at all if STH solo had the same lenght as the album track. Lastly, I feel very satisfied of Jason's work. He really did his best, in my opinion. Also, Plant's voice was still egregious, I think especially during Kashmir. To sum up, great release, very moving for a fan who never saw them live...except the couple of things I wrote above.
  12. Thanks Joe. It seems it doesn't improve much...38°C
  13. I have a temperature...no rehearsals this afternoon
  14. Yes, it's amazing. It happens nearly every year around Christmas/New Year's Day.
  15. Apologize if they have been posted before here. They were new to me.
  16. Snowing! Everything just looks enchanted.
  17. ^^This week there's a "Special" about LZ on Radio2, a famous Italian radio. They're talking about all their songs and their history, while giving some very special gifts like Celebration Day t-shirts, lithographies and this box-set DVD+2CD...it was a trivia question. They were talking about the funny "Dread Zeppelin" covers, so about reggae..."Which reggae song was written by LZ on purpose? Send us a text message..." and while he was finishing making the question I had already sent the message! D'YER MAK'ER! After 5 minutes I got a phone call from the radio speaker who said I had won it, and I was so excited I couldn't even speak and tell him my name and address for a while! Then, when I finally managed to relax, I listened to D'yer Mak'er, to thank it
  18. has just won celebration day box-set on a radio programme! Hurraaaaah!!

    1. why-att
    2. JuliaFinch


      Thanks Adri! It's really fantastic!

      Saw you latest letter and it was interesting, I'll answer as soon as I got time ;D

    3. why-att


      Ok, I'm waiting. ;)

  19. I won Celebration Day DVD+ 2CD on a radio programme!!
  20. has just managed to sit down and relax after a terrible week!

  21. Celebration Day was just spectacular. Shame that all has already finished...

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