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  1. To me,he just did not look sharp,and he did not play sharp either! I also thought he just was not himself on the Ronnie lane tour either.
  2. the biggest problem The Firm had was the simple fact it was page's 1st band after led zeppelin disbanded! how are you really gonna top a group arguably the best group in history? and no offense to the guys in the firm,especially the drummer and the bass player were nowhere nearly as talented as bonzo and jonesy were.
  3. I liked the Russian led zeppelin iv better cause it is so unique cover wise!
  4. wasn't it today in 1988 that the awful led zep reunion took place at the atlantic 40th anniversary party in nyc?
  5. can't choose between whole lotta love and black dog.
  6. what does cole do now? is he still in the music business and is he planning on writing another book about his experiences outside led zeppelin? and if he had to guess who took the money in nyc,who would he guess?
  7. the rehersals and the dvd from japan are better than the album was.i also think plant sand shake my tree better than coverdale ever could!
  8. Getty and alex are really good with fans,but peart avoids them like the plague!
  9. I know from reading peart's books that keith moon was his fave rock drummer,but buddy rich was his fave ever drummer! when he does his solos at rush shows,he does it to big band music with rich on drums piped in! he also liked bonzo a lot.
  10. Bonzo did not die until 1980,and peart joined rush in 1972 taking john rutsey's place,so I am sure they knew of one another,but not sure if they ever got to meet in person.
  11. That was in playboy. bonzo knew of peart because buddy rich was bonhams fave drummer and pearts as well. without question,bonham,moon and peart have been the best rock drummers to ever play rock and roll since they all came on the scenes in the late 1960s/early 1970s in peart's case,so i'm confident they borrowed or stole from one another riff wise! pretty sure they were well aware of one another.i know that alex lifeson did not meet jimmy page and Robert plant until the 1998 page plant tour stopped in Toronto.he says he borrowed riffs from page,and wanted to thank him!
  12. and it ain't that the stones really need the money,or any of the other bands that are touring this summer like the eagles!
  13. Pudgey the Pit Bull! best,smartest, and most loyal dog I have ever owned!
  14. First R rated movie I saw at the theater with my daddy! liked star wars,loved the godfather!
  15. my fave band other than led zeppelin. if there is a better band on planet earth as we speak,it has to be RUSH! hugely influenced by led zeppelin. when rush's 1st album came out,people heard working man and thought it was the latest led zeppelin album.
  16. And let me add the biggest bunch of poppycock total bull$**t I have just about ever heard,but the band did have a lot of freaky incidents and bad luck in their twelve years together!
  17. Nov 10 80 Chicago, IL USA Chicago Stadium Nov 12 80 Chicago, IL USA Chicago Stadium Nov 13 80 Chicago, IL USA Chicago Stadium Nov 15 80 Chicago, IL USA Chicago Stadium if I can remember right,were these tickets being sold as a lottery,with the lottery drawings put in the local Chicago papers? and me and some of my friends were going to the zeppelin shows in landover,had made hotel reservations,but bonzo died and that was that!
  18. all over the new tv show revolution,and every episode one season of that 70s show had the name of a led zeppelin song as it's title.
  19. it is a great album,but it takes awhile for the crunge to grow on you! I still have my vinyl copy I bought that snowy march day too!
  20. how about soundboard audio? if they were not filmed,maybe they were professionally recorded? the audy recordings are really rough,imo.
  21. What is the point? Not many are interested in football now. my good man,nfl and college football is the greatest sports ever invented! just cause you can't watch year round doesn't mean you can't follow it! so roll tide,hail to the redskins,and get ready for week 1 in around 124 days!
  22. I have heard it from several led zep fanatics that the 1977 Oakland show was taped and recorded and is in bill graham's vault and personal collection.if so,i would love to see it released!
  23. I probably have 90% of the shows posted on the net,including dvds on file and own cd/dvd,as well as an original SRTS movie poster.also have a scrap book I made in the 1970s and a bunch of books!
  24. I'm pretty sure Bonham knew who peart and rush were,because other than himself and mooney,peart is the 3rd greatest rock drummer ever and was back then. you are not the best drummer in the world as Bonham was in the 1970s and not know who the competition was in your field!
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