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  1. Thats what i like to hear rainsong71, 71 was avery good year, got to see the boys in Toronto that year
  2. BBS was sitting at his desk in grade 9, in 1969, the teacher had his am radio on for us, around lunch time, d j said here is a new band from england this song is Good Times Bad Times. Love my site name. Still rings true.
  3. Where there any of you at these Concerts on those dates.? Please reply
  4. Dec 31 I think it was the Gonzoga show, sorry it was the 30th
  5. Mikelson and The Boys. No one will come close. USA number one.
  6. Nice Topic. Well BBS Loves Life and His Family, Music, His Cars, Sports, Animals, Clean Enviroment
  7. Saw my wife sleeping while i made her breakfast
  8. We put our Brand new Cragar SS Mags on our Summer Car today
  9. Thanks for this Deborah J. Especially for the Robert Plant show this evening.
  10. Yes a very good Canadian Band and still going strong. Saw them in a bar in Brampton Ontario Canada before they aquired Pert. Never did see the band after that. Rest in Peace to there first drummer.
  11. Did you ever really need somebody and really need em bad
  12. Sorry there Walter. Alaska is another beautiful State.
  13. All of the songs are red hot
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