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  1. Sending warm hellos

  2. Love that and thank you for sharing those magical moments and what priceless memories and goodies you got
  3. ~"All the way to Memphis"~

  4. There's one that I have wanted to hear him do for ages... Tommy Sands - The worryin kind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC-a6g0LPPE Oh and Ricky Nelson's Garden Party
  5. In the past the media reported different titles which most bands have "working titles" of songs and album titles...I remember a different titles buzzing around for Mighty ReArranger I'm looking forward to hearing "Angel Dance" ~"With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music where ever she goes..."~
  6. Very nice and I'm really looking forward to having it in my collection... Sad to see the other working title didn't make it...maybe it should be put on t-shirts I'd buy a Robert Plant "It's Rude to say no" t-shirt lol
  7. So true <3 The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oaKhjG_7-E Grand Funk Railroad - Loco-Motion with an dash of Hall and Oates lol and Bless Journey
  8. Thin Lizzy - Still in love with you Just don't make them like this anymore...
  9. ^ yup definitely needs to be in the Hot Photos of Robert area lol I always felt it was a good sign when Robert was letting his hair grow out...seemed things were right in the world He's looking great
  10. Very sad news in the music world...it seems to be confirmed today I was hoping the rumors weren't true Heaven called one of the Masters home He had a voice that no other had... Warm thoughts of love to his family, friends and all the fans
  11. Sending hellos and love your list of LZ favorite songs

  12. I melt for this song... Stateless - Bloodstream - unplugged
  13. I'm in agreement on the choices and the placement of some of the people on the list...it's strange how some of the younger generation votes and what they and many consider a great vocalist
  14. Slowly but surely Tennessee will come back bigger and better I think many are just a bit taken back because it took awhile for anyone outside to notice that Tennessee was drowning but many learned from New Orleans and those areas and have been moving quickly which I think was the key President Obama signs official papers allowing national relief to Nashville and that Tennessee has been declared a national disaster area-- so people can get help with insurance...there are 50 or more other areas on the list--Today 11 more have been added to the relief. They are checking out Memphis and We
  15. Yup my sister is in North Carolina and we were wondering if it was heading that way. The news reports about Nashville are awful...it's going to take awhile to get everything back to normal. Plus, areas of Memphis are underwater too. Where I am downtown is flooded and the schools are close. In Nashville, it is difficult to get in or out of the city and flights were on hold yesterday and many roads, highways and interstates are closed. Nashville had a mandatory evacuations of some areas of downtown. A curfew was set up to keep people home and Opryland Hotel is flooded and could be closed f
  16. Please keep those in Tennessee and the southern states...in your thoughts and prayers bad storms passed over this weekend and I don't remember it being this bad. The Beale Street Music Fest was this weekend and on Saturday it was evaluated and many bands canceled or weren't able to play...Alison Krauss was scheduled to play today but couldn't make it in to Memphis due to the flooding in Nashville. http://www.memphisinmay.org/music Dangerous Weather Down South Channel 4 News in Middle Tennessee reports weather continues to plague the West and Middle Tennessee areas with massiv
  17. Roberto Skoro "In line" Love the songs that pull on the heartstrings...I think the new form of radio are tv shows--heard this on the Vampire Diaries and then had to have it and the CW knows this because they tell people to get it on itunes lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG_onbyKn6U
  18. I did watch the Lemon Song and kept thinking is this real lol If it is you are right and it's amazing and Wow was all I could think. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. ^ Very scary The brain is so amazing This was a nice update from Donald Trump http://video.msn.com?vid=1042b78e-515d-11df-8b94-d05963a74c6d
  20. Didn't Neil Young also have an aneurysm a couple of years ago? Brett Micheals has had a crazy year...I did see that he was going to play in Memphis but Vince Neil has stepped in for him.
  21. ^ That was the best and I always hope that my comments aren't taken personally and I have always enjoyed the family vibe that this board has at times. It shows we are more than the words we type. Now back to that Mary J. Blige Cover... You nailed it I think it's a great move for Mary to step out of a comfort zone and try it and she's done it before with other songs. Mary J. Blige isn't a spring chicken but now with this song under her belt where does she go from here lol
  22. Haha It's like telling someone there isn't a Santa Claus...and it's because of teases like the O2 2007 concert sometime all that is left is hope and a little wishful thinking--plus I really don't think at this point in the game anyone believes it'll be a repeat of 30 years ago and we've seen that happen recently...O2 Kind of was like giving everyone a taste of what could have been or could be. I'm a firm believer that there isn't a reason to dash anyone's dreams or hopes because even when all is said and done no one knows for sure what the future holds and if they do they clearly aren't on
  23. ^ lol I'm still waiting for Zeppelin--the Led Zeppelin musical about a boy and his friends going to California haha
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