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  1. Sending warm hellos

  2. ~"All the way to Memphis"~

  3. So true <3 The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oaKhjG_7-E Grand Funk Railroad - Loco-Motion with an dash of Hall and Oates lol and Bless Journey
  4. Thin Lizzy - Still in love with you Just don't make them like this anymore...
  5. Sending hellos and love your list of LZ favorite songs

  6. Haha Mary J. Blige brings out the best in some people lol

  7. Tons of hugs from Tennessee :)

  8. Wow I haven't listen to OMD in ages... Robert Plant - Slow Dancer and Robert Plant - All Your Love "Till I met you baby, I never knew what I was missing"
  9. Thank you for your kind words :)

  10. ^ Love that one Daryl Hall and John Oates Your Imagination and Somebody Like You nursing a broken heart
  11. So, true...I always think you can't go wrong with Robert Plant A concert like that would be really nice...I was so amazed by how he 'rearranged' some of the classics when he and Alison went on tour. I couldn't even imagine hearing them that way It would be nice to have another kind of Storyteller laid back moment where he talks about the songs from the then and now lol or even letting fans pick or do live request much like the Eurythmics did ages ago--where people phoned in while it was live
  12. Has there ever been a vote on the most popular or favorite Robert Plant songs? I like this thread and question...and I noticed so many of everyone's picks are my favorites too and it's also interesting that those are hidden gems that only a Robert Plant fan might know about since most radio stations only play popular Robert Plant songs. It's hard to narrow it down to 5 Guess it would be based on need haha I think if I was on an island I would only bring my Robert Plant cds 1) Greatest Gift 2) Slow Dancer 3) Easily Lead 4) Sixes and Sevens 5) Moonlight in Samosa Honorable mentions Come into my life Watching you Red for Danger Anniversary 8:05 Pledge Pin One More Cup of Coffee Skip's song I better stop the list is getting longer again
  13. Me too lol

    And you too...may he grace your path :)

  14. Sending hellos :)

  15. Hanging with my daughter and the horses
  16. Thank you for the friendship :) It's always fun to meet other LZ fans

  17. Sending hellos :)

  18. Sending hellos :)

  19. Very good taste in music :)

  20. Tesla -- Paradise Haha Robin Trower is the man and that album is a gift from Heaven They don't make them like that anymore
  21. I really like Randy Jackson's covers of the classic Led Zeppelin songs and Pink did a really good job...I was hunting around YouTube looking for gems and found this Stefani Germanotta (pre Lady Gaga) performing Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Maker" live at the Bitter End NYC in January 2006. It's actually not a bad cover and Dyer Maker is a tough song to pull off...
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