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  1. Soundtrack to the "The Beatles White Album" tribute cast recording 2009 Australia.
  2. I'd like to know both the meaning&reason Bonham chose the 3 interlocking rings symbols?.
  3. Curious to know whether or not there's soundboard available from there Australian tour?.
  4. Hopefully it's still on sale here "down, under" at my local newsagent!.
  5. I'd love Page or ANYBODY/SOMEBODY to release Australia '72, Especially February '72 at Kooyong Melbourne!!!!:).
  6. I'm attempting&trying to find to buy the exact&precise type of jacket Bonzo Bonham's wearing on the cover of LZII, Anyone know what kind/type of Luftwaffe jacket it is&where i can buy one from?, Love&peace&cheers&ta, Adro.
  7. Get a dog instead of a GF! , NO ONE HUMAN will EVER love you unconditionally like a animal will!, I'm speaking from experience having been engaged twice in 10yrs&having been in ltr prior.
  8. I'm attending etc Sunday nights gig at The Palais.It'll be my 2nd time I've heard&seen him live with TSSS, I was extremely dissapointed in the 1st/last time I saw him in Melbourne. Imho(& humble) opinion inc encores the show only went for 90 mins, Felt angry&annoyed especially after forking out&paying a lot of $for front row ticket&parking at the venue.
  9. Looking for/wanting to buy: 70s (71-73) Paiste Giant Beat black label Giant Beat s NOT reissues!, 18", 20" 24" crash/ride" multis.
  10. Yes that's what I meant ..... doh! :(.
  11. Is the "Inner Tensions" the Snoopy T-shirt?, As attempting & trying to find one, Exactly & precisely like the one "Bonzo" Bonham's wearing!.
  12. This coming Friday night in Fawkner (outer Northern suburb of Melbourne), At Musicland a "tribute to Bon Scott&Gary Moore", 2 different bands, 1x female fronted AC/DC tribute band, 1 x Thin Lizzy tribute band " Live&Dangerous ".Internationally :Robert Plant&SS at Palais Theatre St Kilda Melbourne, 1st April.
  13. What's Bonham's favourite "tipple"/drink?.
  14. IV because of "When The Levee Breaks" drum sound, & ITTOD .
  15. He's since at long last, finally switched to Paiste 2002 24" ride along with his crashes&hats, The sound of his ride cymbal back then was a Zildjian 24" K light ride, Extremely dark&dry sounding, Hated the sound of his cymbals until, He switched!.
  16. In both my honest&humble opinion.I'm hoping JP will release either on DVD/blu-ray complete, full, total footage of there Australian concerts& a blu ray of HTWWW! :), Also the last concert in 1980 both super deluxe box set, DVD&blue ray .
  17. I've read it in both books from reliable sources& in forums, RP owns the Slingerland kit which was (is?), a green sparkle 22 13 16, The snare is a Ludwig LM 400 14X5" aluminum, Until THE definitive book on ALL of Zepps recordings with both documentation & photos comes out I.e. Beatles & Stones recording books.All with got to go on as far as what he played on Zepp 1 is both conjecture & speculative & have to agree to disagree I've also read from Freddie Struder from Paiste that Bonzo visited the Paiste factory in late 60s so either 68 or 69.
  18. Where do I find visuals etc of the "Stargroves" sessions?.
  19. Wonder what became of PG's car collection?, & what makes, models, years cars he had in his collection apart from what can be seen in the out-takes of TSRTS.Btw the Bentley is a WO "Le Mans" model 20s or 30s supercharged , Quiet powerful in it's day & mega collectable & expensive today!.
  20. Is Charlie Jones (her former husband), Any relation to JPJ?, Son for example?, & Is it true he only got the gig with RP because he's JPJ's son& or married RP's daughter?.
  21. I'd love to see both audio&video (blu ray or dvd) of the Australian &last över Europe" tours, As there's only Knebworth footage of Bonzo playing his SS (stainless steel) kit.
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