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  1. The first person I feel like I can have a serious relationship with [maybe marriage, maybe not] I'll treat him like god.
  2. Like someone said, obviously go there if you want to major in music. I would probably go to a specialized institution myself, had I had the money.
  3. Yes, I have an idea on what I want to do, which makes me eager to get of high school even more.
  4. I take offense to that, I'm blonde Nah, I'm just kidding. Anyway, I definitely agree with you on your attitude of beauty, I couldn't add anything else to make it more perfect. And I don't get that many dates either, being that high school is a cesspool for image dating. I can't wait to get out of this place. [high school, that is]
  5. I guess, but I do love that song TNPTP is frustrated with some piece of technology right now.
  6. I'm just curious. Which occupation do you have in which you have the opportunity to interact with all these celebrities? Thank you very much.
  7. I admit, I love seeing this side of you I dedicate this to my grandmother, Aisha, who I cannot imagine suffered greatly in the last years of her life due to severe pneumonia. So severe, she couldn't get up and had to be imprisoned to her bed. She could tell when I was distressed and I could sense, from her eyes, she yearned to help me. She couldn't physically help me. I can't forget that to this day.
  8. Yes, it's excellent to appreciate any talent of a person, such as loving his/her music, movies, etc. It's another thing to be so obsessed with celebrities that we know their children's names, favorite underwear, plastic surgery procedures, etc. Let other people be obsessed with that, I don't pay attention to any of it.
  9. I always have been shifting and learning languages, so focusing on English so heavily, I forgot my own mother alphabet. I did learn how to write Urdu as a young child. That is Urdu and Hindi. Again, same language spoken, different alphabet. It's another way to try to attempt to separate India and Pakistan. I need to review again. and yes, I can pronounce Arabic quite well if I have an Arabic text in front of me. I just can't speak it naturally when I don't know the meaning of the words
  10. You are correct TNPTP was a bit freaked out when first learning to drive.
  11. Typical garbage. There's plenty of people I meet around that have both and are nowhere near famous. This is why I hate celebrity worship culture. They, all of a sudden, become deities for, as someone mentioned, being in one industry. For having this viewpoint, I'm in the wrong thread and the wrong site Oh, and I never met a celebrity before.
  12. My mother tongue is Urdu [speaking wise, horrible at writing] I can speak Hindi because Urdu and Hindi are so closely related. [it's pretty much the same language, only declared Urdu in Pakistan and Hindi in India-another mindless way to separate the countries] I've been learning Arabic all my life due to reading the Quran, so I know some words but I can mostly read Arabic very fluently. I can't speak it I tried taking Spanish in middle school and high school, but stopped after four years because the teachers are horrendous at teaching Spanish. I don't recall much because we didn't have many exercises to help us learn the language. We just were assigned chapters from the textbook, everyday in class. It didn't help much, needless to say I didn't grow up speaking English, So I needed to take ESL classes all throughout elementary school to learn English.
  13. I used to be crazy about meeting em, back then, in some magical stupor. I let my fantasies flourish need not say more, at all and now, I really don't care too much. It'd be great to see em in concert, but I don't anticipate going backstage or anything.
  14. Take me to Paris. I don't care how cliche it is, I dreamt of sauntering around Paris, dazed and mesmerized, since I was 6 years old.
  15. How about being genuinely happy when you are happy, and then politely express discontent and disappointment [i'm not talking about you personally]. But, sometimes it's great to be genuinely happy when you have the right to be. We all go through crap, but it pays to be more positive about anything in general. One can adopt that attitude without being rosy about everything. In other words, I'd rather see someone who is more giddy, after the same situation, than the one who is more rude. I don't believe one has to be completely hardcore or a buttkisser. It pays to be honest about one's emotions, but one doesn't need to be one of those extremes to just live a content life in this world.
  16. apple pie, definitely aliens or ghosts
  17. You got to change yourself then, by yourself And by destructive habits, I meant any psychological motifs and mantras you have for yourself that destroy you in any way. For example, if you feel like a failure so you never even try. You feel like an awkward person so you rarely socialize. Things you feel, anything, that ruins your life for you and makes you feel psychologically stressed. I never ever abused any drug in my life nor did I ever have sex at all, yet I still had destructive habits [albeit not physical habits] I need to spell it all out for you No offense, but you're right, you wouldn't be ready for therapy.
  18. Plenty of times HYE made a list of all the exotic foods you hadn't tried and then went out on an eating spree to try them all.
  19. First off, a therapist needs to evaluate whether your current habits and state of living are destructive to your life or not [for example: drug use, medical issues, financial status] They then need to do a consensus on your psychological profile where they'll get in depth in what's really bothering you enough to come to therapy. You need to work with the therapist in order to come up with an overall goal and the means, that you need to exercise, in order to obtain this goal. With each session, it's important that the therapist listens quite a bit because they need to hear your free-flowing subconscious thoughts and whether you're repressing destructive habits, from the past, that is toxic to your present life [this is an aspect of psychoanalysis]. And I mean you have to excruciatingly dig into every nook and cranny of your mind, travel in every recess, and really tell everything you're ashamed and embarrassed of. Then the cognitive therapy kicks in. This is where they ask you more than they state these so called solutions. With this, you need to realize, yourself, what current habits are harming your psychological well being. They continue this until you realize how you can change your toxic habits and you put these realizations into practicee, leaving the office, in order to change. That is only the tip of all that therapy can do, there's such a vast terrain to therapy because therapy needs to cover abused victims, drug addicts, criminals, wounded soldiers. There's so many different type of people facing difficult circumstances Now, therapy is not for everybody! You need to realize that you're strong enough to admit you're wrong or that you are unhappy and your life is not up to your satisfactions and you do need to learn to metamorphose yourself. and like longdistancwinner was saying, there are so many strong, confident people who remain this way after tragedies you can't imagine happening to you, leagues worse than anything you've ever experienced. They just have a bit of a chip on their soldier, so they may need some professional help. They just don't want to psychologically suffer anymore [and something no one understands until they personally go through it. You can't see someone psychologically suffering, but it's apparent to the person living it]
  20. No need to slag the therapist, you have to be willing to cooperate with one. That is called cognitive therapy by the way, in which they can't baby you and just give you an easy solution. They need you to get into the root of your own consciousness and try to help you better figure out how you can help yourself by understanding the faults of your present ways and you try to amend it. Yes, I've been to a therapist before, after being sexually assaulted, and because I'm willing to understand how I need to grow my own nerves and help myself the most, I greatly benefited But you know, that's big boy stuff, baby steps first, spats. And longdistancwinner, thanks for paraphrasing my advice. You're right, compared to the valorous determination of others', mundane complaints and petty issues are pale in comparision. More people need to be more proactive about their lives and be willing to change instead of trying to garner unneeded sympathy points And that is the therapist's job, their job is not to give blankly give off solutions and that's it.
  21. I can't even think about ever doing those services. I already had bad experiences with just IM'ing guys, thinking they were friends.
  22. I didn't know this was gonna be a story game I wanna be hogging and stuffing my face with all the chocolates, that's all. So, anyplace with chocolate is good for me. And I'm always in a sort of tranquil trance anyways, all the time, so maybe I get I try to drive the plane up to the sun or something and all that chocolate melts and there's torrents and streams of chocolate.
  23. Wow, I didn't expect this, not bad, not bad
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