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  1. ln just over a week on the air, Tull radio is smashing the charts. Tull radio is #9 (Top 2%) in classic, #7 in prog, and #57 (Top 7%) among all Live365® rock stations. Better yet, Tull radio is tops among both official and single rock band stations beating Santana, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and others. Tull radio has also been awarded a coveted "Editor's Pick" choice for its quality. Tull Radio
  2. I've recently discovered various musicians (well known and not so well know) who have facebook accounts and their walls are open to one and all. :D
  3. Tom wouldn't be the first to make a comment of that nature. Maybe he was trying to be controversial? I've been a fan of his from the early days, enjoy his XM show and like the guy. He seems more of a early Rolling Stones, Eddie Cochran type fan. Prior to the Aqualung LP, Tull's blues influence and hard rock were more obvious. With Aqualung, Ian wanted his fans to start thinking and maybe that's where the likes of Tom Petty got lost. Ian started writing about his views on organized religion and the Catholic church. The Catholic church didn't really get it, but Ian has had various clegy
  4. A Texas musician named Marc Benno hired SRV, before Stevie became influenced by Hendrix. I'm familiar with Marc Benno through his work(late 60's/early 70's with Leon Russell. Benno also contributed to The Doors L.A. Woman LP. Here is a link to Marc's site with a mention about SRV..... Marc Benno and The Nightcrawlers/Stevie Ray Vaughan (Note the spelling of Vaughan, it's NOT Vaughn.
  5. I don't agree with you and will leave it at that. Incidentally, Johnny Ramone was a die-hard Republican.
  6. You must be the sensitive musician type. I was in no way being hostile, in fact I'm one of the nicer folks who frequent this place. Just some advice, if you really want to get the word out, go play 300 shows a year. I passed on your video.
  7. Well you didn't do a very good job keeping quiet about your idiotic suspicions.
  8. A black, convertible, 1967 Buick GS 400, quite similar to the photo I posted. My family bought it in 67, I drove it from 1973 through 1979. The GS 400 was essentially a very souped up Skylark, Buick's attempt to market a muscle car. It's easier to buy parts for that car NOW, then it was in 1979.
  9. Yeah, we already saw this in Meet and Greet. What are you in a rush to become famous?
  10. I've enjoyed reconnecting with various folks, but there is a part of me that just likes to disappear. I've toyed with the idea of disabling my account. I've also had some interesting "behind the scenes" messaging with people who I don't even know.
  11. Another automobile related frightening experience..... This occurred on Thanksgiving Eve 2009, just last year. I have a short commute to/from work. Mostly highway(3 lane) and I drive in the slow lane, because for the three miles I'm on the highway, it doesn't make sense to drive in the faster lanes. It was RAINING pretty hard. On top of that it was the typical holiday commute with everybody driving fast, rushing to get to grandma's. WELL, this frightening experience lasted between 15 and 20 seconds. All of a sudden two cars collided in the middle lane, right next to me. Car #1 was doi
  12. I've seen Rory Gallagher twice. First time opening for Deep Purple in 1973, second time opening for Tull in 1976. I think that's pretty cool.
  13. Here is mine. The year was around 1980. I decided to see a band at a rock club in Northern NJ. I left my apartment around 10:00 pm and hopped on Route 80 West. I was driving in the right hand lane. Somewhere around Paterson, NJ (as in the Dylan song about Hurricane Carter) a beat up car pulled up next to me with four dirtbags in it. The one in the front passenger seat, rolled down his window, flashed a badge at me and yelled to pull over. NO WAY WAS I PULLING OVER. I sped up and they kept pace with me. They yelled a couple more times to pull over. At a certain point, they were ahead
  14. Jethro Tull, including solo Ian Anderson and solo Martin Barre - 38 times approx. The Dictators - probably about 20 times Springsteen and the E Street Band, Springsteen solo and Springsteen and the Segar Sessions band - 10 times. First time in 1976, most recently in November 2009.
  15. Very sad. I was fortunate enough to see ELO in 1974 in the comfy confines of a college concert auditorium. At the time, I owned the Eldorado LP and was familiar with some earlier material. That show blew me away, courtesy of the animated Mike Edwards on cello, the other cellist and Mik Kaminski on violin.
  16. No. HYE eaten dark meat(chicken or turkey)?
  17. 1. Remember the topic title is "Cover songs you like more than the originals". It's NOT "List all the cover songs you know". 2. I think in some(many) cases, Three Dog Night performed the original version of a song that was yet to be released by the writer OR the original version had extremely limited exposure. The band may have written 1 out of every 100 songs they recorded. 3. I am not a fan of this topic.
  18. I guess this is the most appropriate topic to post this rather odd video of Blackmore's Night. Here they are performing a somewhat obscure Jethro Tull song named "Rainbow Blues". The video jumps around, mainly focusing on Blackmore and his band, but also includes some Tull footage. I like watching the female singer (Candice) laying in bed singing.
  19. Maybe I'll start adding a Jethro Tull theme every time I post/reply, etc to a topic. I wonder how that would go over?
  20. I bought the CD a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying several tracks. I decided to pass on seeing him in concert. I thought there would be too many depressed fans in attendance.
  21. I wanted to bump my original hello from Jan 2008 and say hello again. It appears I've returned from about a 1 year hiatus from this chat forum. Hi gang!! Glad to be back.
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