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  1. Oh I forgot one.... Badfinger at The Joint in the Woods in Parsippany, NJ - March 1974. I think I would exchange body parts to see that show again. The venue was essentially a gigantic bar and was took a lot of critisizm for it's name.
  2. I can't say they were the best, but there are a few shows I would love to be able to revisit (or at least get some high quality video). Not listed in order, they are...... 1. John Lennon with his then back-up band Elephants Memory, Yoko, Stevie Wonder, Sha Na Na with Geraldo Rivera as the MC. The One-To-One Benefit concert and John's last full public performance at Madison Square Garden in August 1972. This is probably on DVD. 2. Any of the five Tull shows I attended in 1972, 1973 or 1975. 3. Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden on July 27, 1973. 4. Dictators at CBGB's, September 1976. Acutally any of the 10 or so Dictator shows I saw in the 70's. 5. George Harrison at Madison Square Garden on December, 1974. 6. And for good measure, either of the 1976 or 1978 Sprinsteen shows I attended. Well before he became an arena act.
  3. I discovered this topic a bit late, but George is worth another mention. Harrison toured the US once as a solo artist in 1974 and I attended his show in December of that year at Madison Square Garden. Would love to find some video of George on that tour. He lost his voice for much of the tour and the shows did not get great reviews and probably(??) contributed to his lack of touring. In August of 2001, I honeymooned on Maui Island and drove the infamous Road to Hana. It's a long winding road along the coast and eventually you get to the black sand beaches. When George died, I found out he owned a place somewhere along those black sand beaches. He would invite musician friends to his house and they would all play ukelalles(spelling??). I must have bought 20 plus magazines with George on the cover during the months following his death. McCartney played Something on a uke during his tour back in 2002 as a tribute.
  4. It appears I'm not the only one. I like coming here to talk music. I'd rather not discuss the reasons why Zeppelin is not high on my list. I've been watching TSRTS on TV the last few nights and I'm not totally overwhelmed. I will say the non-concert footage is damn pathetic. I saw them the first of those nights at MSG, July 27, 1973.
  5. My major obsessions have been.... Jethro Tull, The Dictators, Nick Lowe, Leon Russell, The Who, Harry Nillson, a woman who lives two doors down from me, The Ramones, Badfinger, The Beatles(plus individual), The Kinks and last but definately not least, Bruce Springsteen from my home state of New Jersey. Minor obsessions..... The James Gang, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Dead Boys, Steppenwolf. I'd have to insert Led Zeppelin somewhere in the minor obsessions list. I bought and own the untitled 4th on vinyl and Zeppelin II was given to my years ago by a friend getting rid of his vinyl. My only CD is the recently purchased Mothership and I am quite enjoying it, particularly CD #2. Recent interests..... Tin Pan Alley music.
  6. Dulcimers are so cool. Couple of years ago I attended a holiday performance by a legendary female dulcimer player whose name escapes me.
  7. Yes, Guitar Center is a chain. I am on their email list and have been deluged with discount offers from them during and after the holidays. 20% off on anything in the store was the best discount they offered. I sold a guitar on EBAY. 1. The buyer was VERY knowledgable about the guitar, an Ibanez Artist. 2. He lived about 10 miles from me and wanted to avoid potential damage during shipping. We met, he inspected, he bought. He was also employed in the music business and could fix whatever minor problems the guitar had. Personally, I couldn't buy a guitar on EBAY. I need to play it first. Taylor's are excellent acoustics, I played one a couple of months ago (at Guitar Center) and was impressed. They ARE expensive.
  8. Correction... the song is "It's Not My Place(in the 9 to 5 World). It uses the music from an old Who song with Ramones lyrics. Just trying to keep it real.
  9. I think the revolving door of band members ultimately hurt the band. It was more apparent as ever in 1980 that Ian Anderson WAS the band. Just some of the notables who passed through, bassist Dave Pegg and other members of Fairport Convention, Eddie Jobson from Roxy Music/Zappa, Mark Craney (R.I.P.) on drums, Gerry Conway(Cat Stevens) on drums, Mick Abrahams (Blodwyn Pig) was the original guitarist. After the initial break through in 1968, Ian eventually brought all his childhood friends/band mates into the group, Barrie Barlow, John Evan and Jeffrey Hammond. Jeffrey had three songs named after him before joining the band, "A Song for Jeffrey", "Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square" and "For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me". The last song was about the astronaut Michael Collins. While he orbited the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin performed the first manned landing on the lunar surface. The song compares the feelings of misfitting from vocalist Ian Anderson (and friend Jeffrey Hammond) with the astronaut's own, as he is left behind by the ones who had the privilege to walk on the surface of the moon. Some interesting web-sites...... The website of Glen Cornick the original bass player who went on to play in Wild Turkey and Paris. You will spend days looking at the great photos....Tull and Non-Tull...... http://www.cornick.org/ Unfornutately the band has been on a 15 year greatest hits tour. You can view the entire 40 years of touring at ...... http://www.ministry-of-information.co.uk/ For lyrics and song analysis..... http://www.cupofwonder.com/index2.html
  10. By request, I've started a Jethro Tull discussion. I heard the Aqualung LP during the summer of 1971 and that was it, I was hooked. No shrieking "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, oooh baby, oooh baby" during a Tull song, it was much more verbal. Sometimes too verbal. Oh and Rolling Stone magazine also hated Tull. Ian wrote this song at the Preston train station in London whilst waiting to visit his dad in the hospital. Cheap Day Return On Preston platform do your soft shoe shuffle dance. Brush away the cigarette ash that's falling down your pants. And you sadly wonder does the nurse treat your old man the way she should. She made you tea, asked for your autograph what a laugh
  11. Yikes, for a second there I thought we were all from the same place. It appears NOT.
  12. Hey Rob, Sorry about the knucklehead comment. I cleaned up my original post, but you caught the original. Sounds like you are a Tull fan, so I gotta cut you some slack.
  13. I believe you are quoting Robert Plant with the "Bore 'Em At The Forum" reference. Interesting Page and Plant recruited Tull drummer Barriemore Barlow to drum on a couple of projects. http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8678
  14. I know that!!! Somebody posted a photo of Patti Smith.
  15. This topic needs a restart. Too many 70's acts are being listed. Patti Smith??
  16. Spoken like a true Tull fan. I know where your allegiances lay.
  17. Anybody who thinks the Ramones are trash need to listen to a song called "She's A Sensation". I know it's on the two CD anthology. Absolute brilliance. They even (openly) steal a riff from The Who on the song.
  18. Let me guess, "Aqualung" and "Locomotive Breath"? How about some specific examples with explanations, footnotes and historical references?
  19. I'm surprised Jethro Tull didn't get any mentions. Go ahead, I can take it.
  20. JethroTull


    I love Japanesse food, especially sushi. Loads of fun going to a sushi restaurant with a group of friends and ordering a variety of stuff off the menu. I also love Indian food. I should have married a woman from India, the food is so good. Vegetarian Indian is a favorite. French food is also very good. Thai is also good. After discovering Japanesse and Thia, I never eat Chinese food anymore.
  21. I gotta go with Martin Lancelot Barre.
  22. I might have to go with The Dictators. 1975/Go Girl Crazy - heavy metal comedy album. Nobody got it, especially Epic Records. the bands was dropped from the label. Instant classic. 1977/Manifest Destiny - Great record, but still misunderstood. 1978/Bloodbrothers - The band was playing like their lives/careers depended on it and it did. Manitoba was on lead vocals 100%. Ross the Boss, a heavy metal/punk/rock lead guitar player, later went on to fame with Manowar.
  23. Another cool photo of Tull circa 1972..
  24. I forgot to mention, every time you turn on VH1 or MTV, Dee Snider is being interviewed and asked his opinion about every style of music imaginable. He irritates me so much.
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